Unattended Payment Kiosks

Elegant young girl pays for ticket in parking meter. Woman near terminal in the underground parking

Unattended Payment Kiosks August 4, 2022 Although unattended payment terminals were gaining popularity in the years prior, the rise of Covid-19 sparked new consumer payment habits. With hygiene and safety concerns at the forefront of societal concerns and social distancing guidelines in place, the need for self-service was accelerated tremendously. Recent studies indicate that 73% […]

AI in Payment Processing

Artificial Intelligence in Payment Processing

AI in Payment Processing August 1, 2022 We are currently living out future predictions, artificial intelligence (AI) is here and all around us. Alexa and Siri are our personal handheld assistants. We have online plug-in modules that help in our learning, efficiency, and accuracy, but AI in payment processing? We have chatbots for most websites […]

What is a Money Service Business?

Financial loan, businessman offering US dollar paper currency cash money

What is a Money Service Business? July 29, 2022 A money service business (MSB) is a small sector of the financial services market that refers to any person, entity, partnership, or financial institution that offers financial services that handle the conversion or transfer of money. Money Services Business (MSB) Defined A money service business (MSB) […]

Payment Processing for Beginners

credit card of Asian worker or staff at office reception receive credit card

Payment Processing for Beginners July 28, 2022 Let me paint you a mental picture as of why payment processing is so important to your bottom line, it’s your grand opening, your shelves are stocked, registers are staffed, and customers are lined up outside ready to peruse your aisles excited to purchase your goods at the […]

Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale Systems July 28, 2022 One of the most important but traditionally undervalues piece of technology is your point of sale system, it can wrap all your business tasks into one beautiful and sleek package called a Point of Sale system. The POS device came to replace the dummy cash register, a card […]

Low-Risk Merchant Processor

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Low-Risk Merchant Processor July 25, 2022 Who Really Uses Low-Risk vs High-Risk Merchant Processors? Getting paid is important right? To get paid, in any business, you will need to, of course, accept payment. The most successful way to attract the most customers is to accept all types of payment, including credit cards and debit cards. […]

ACH – A Modern Day Payment Solution

Issuing Payment by Check

ACH – A Modern Day Payment Solution July 23, 2022 Pay and get paid: electronically, efficiently, economically, and environmentally sound. ACH transactions are a payment solution, unlike credit card processing, to electronically transfer funds without the need for a card, cash, check or any other form of payment. ACH is a transfer of funds from […]