Liquor store point-of-sale (POS) systems are an important tool when it comes to successful sales. Not only does it assist in the purchase of alcohol, snacks, drinks, and grab ‘n-go items, but it also aids in streamlined business management.

As a business owner, there are plenty of POS options to choose from. However, not all options carry the same benefits. Therefore, this article is designed to break down the top 9 liquor store POS systems that have features that may benefit you more than the rest.

What Are Liquor Store POS Systems?

POS system is a critical component of a successful liquor store. Without a Liquor Store POS system, merchants would be stuck accepting cash or checks only. Additionally, point-of-sale software helps to digitize and streamline nearly all of your store’s business operations.

Without the modern liquor store software that POS systems bring to the table, merchants would spend countless hours counting liquor inventory and doing the grunt work of manual paperwork, reports, employee management, tracking customer data, keeping track of promotions per item, and more. In short, If you want to be efficient in your store’s day-to-day operations, looking into the right POS system for your liquor store is crucial.

Liquor Store POS Evaluation Criteria

Your liquor store POS should have the following features that support user-friendly navigation, robust back-office reporting, and innovative inventory management.

  • User-friendly functionality
  • Robust back-office reporting features
  • Innovative inventory management tools
  • Flexible pricing
  • Case-break inventory management
  • Mobile app and features
  • Age verification
  • State law-specific reporting and features
  • Vendor management
  • Employee management
  • Customer management
  • Easy cash and sales discount options
  • Sales monitoring
  • Loss protection

In addition to the above-mentioned features, other attributes should be considered:


  • How much does the POS system cost?
  • Are merchant services and payment processing included?
  • What are the pricing limitations for store inventory?
  • Are there discounts offered?
  • Are there hidden costs?

Ease of Use

  • Is merchant support available? If so, when?
  • Does it need an internet connection?
  • Are there cloud-based features?

Overall Value

  • Are the offered features worth the price?
  • How popular is the POS system among other liquor stores?
  • How helpful and accessible is the POS company’s customer support?

Additional Features

  • Does the POS system support Commerce sales?
  • Does it accept all payment types? Contactless, mobile, gift cards, etc
  • Does it offer real-time inventory tracking?
  • What additional functions does it offer? (payroll, accounting, time-clock, advanced reporting, CRM, etc.)
Waiter swiping a customer's credit card on a point of sale system

Liquor Store POS Software and System Key Features

When you evaluate the best POS for your liquor store, consider the following features:

Inventory Management

Being able to easily track and manage thousands of inventory products is essential. This includes tracking the number of items in stock, the location of each, and the current cost per item. Even better, is if inventory capabilities extend to case-break and mobile management.

Additionally, advanced inventory software should alter when stock is running low, allow you to order right from your POS system, and have the capability to set auto-orders for low inventory. This ensures you will never run out of an item.

Vendor Management

To assist with auto-orders, POS software can manage your favorite vendors. In each vendor category, low inventory can automatically alert and place an order to the correct vendor that supplies the needed item.

Customer Management

Loyalty programs encourage customers to return on a regular basis. POS systems Tracking customer purchases with the right CRM software will help you offer rewards, discounts, and other perks to your frequent customers.

Employee Management

POS employee management software offers efficient scheduling, shift reminders, time clocks, and helps to manage payroll accordingly.


The right POS system should provide real-time sales data. Including sales totals, best-selling products, and trending items.

These numbers can better assist with knowing what products are working and which aren’t. This way you can order more or less of certain items. And steer your marketing in the right direction.

Additionally, reports should include daily batch reports, card transaction reports, and the ability to filter, download, and save this information for more efficient accounting.

Young woman tapping the screen of a POS inside a restaurant

Online Sales Integration

Ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic, eCommerce has significantly picked up in popularity. Offering online alcohol sales can bring in a whole new client base and significantly increase your sales. In doing this, you will need a POS system that seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce store.

Pricing Adjustments

A valuable tool when it comes to efficient point-of-sale is the ability to manage sales, discounts, and mix-and-match bottle pricing. Without this convenience customers and cashiers are sure to suffer unnecessary frustrations.

Payment Options

A non-negotiable during the point-of-sale is the ability to offer payment processing options. Whether your customer prefers to pay in cash, with a check, or their debit card or credit card, you should be able to provide a way to do so.

Additionally, contactless payment is extremely beneficial for modern payment solutions. It offers ease, convenience, and more safety features than traditional card payments.

Mobile Capabilities

Mobile capabilities allow merchants to process payments and manage their liquor store inventory from anywhere in the store, or on-the-go, using a smartphone or tablet.

Advanced Security Features

Liquor management software should have the necessary tools that help to prevent the illegal purchases of alcohol or tobacco and minimize store theft. These features include age verification systems and loss prevention features

The Best Liquor Store Point-of-Sale Platforms

  1. Korona POS
  2. LightSpeed Retail
  3. POS Nation
  4. IT Retail POS
  5. Harbortouch
  6. Epos Now
  7. ShopKeep
  8. Dejavoo
  9. Clover

Of course, every POS platform has its own strengths and unique features. And now that we know what to look for in the right POS for your liquor store, let’s take s look at some options for the top 9 liquor store POS platforms:

Lightspeed Retail POS

Lightspeed Retail POS is a comprehensive cloud-based POS software that is best suited for iPad usage in large liquor stores. Including large liquor companies that need mobile point-of-sale. This is because Lightspeed Retail offers robust mobile capabilities which include a POS smartphone application and a portable credit card reader.

This POS has a wide range of advanced features and access to third-party connections for even more key features to help streamline your work. The sleek design and low profile of an iPad terminal make it easier for staff to engage with customers. And the iPad interface is user-friendly, especially for anyone who is familiar with using Apple technology.

Lightspeed Retail POS Features

Lightspeed Retail POS’s features include but are not limited to:

real-time sales reporting, inventory management, eCommerce integrations, case-break pricing, multi-step age verification, customer loyalty programs, employee scheduling, text message marketing, appointment booking, and more. Let’s take a further look into a few of these key features.

Multi-step Age Verification

The Lightspeed POS guides your cashiers through multiple steps before they can complete an alcohol sale. First, the cashier must scan the customer’s ID. Next, the cashier must then verify that the scanned ID matches the front of the customer’s ID. This multi-step process is beneficial for liquor stores located in college towns or locations where fake IDs are common.

Safe eCommerce Integrations

Easily integrate Lightspeed Retail within your online liquor store. eCommerce integrations also include BlueCheck and Advision Age Verification to secure sales to the proper aged adult, even online.

Marketing Tools

There are several marketing tools that Lightspeed Retail offers. Including targeted SMS texting and direct email marketing with Mailchimp.

Appointment Booking

A unique feature that Lightspeed Retail offers is appointment booking for in-store shopping. This advanced feature can allow merchants to set aside time for VIP customers, offer wine club perks, private events, socially distanced shopping, and promote case shipments.

Hostess holding an ipad inside a restaurant

Lightspeed Retail POS Benefits

In summary, Lightspeed’s key benefits include:

  • iPad hardware is user-friendly and helps employees to more easily interact with customers
  • Software and mobile apps offer simple setup.
  • Advanced tools and integrations including:
  • multi-step age verification
  • safe eCommerce Integrations
  • marketing tools
  • appointment booking

Lightspeed Retail POS Cons

  • Lightspeed Retail POS requires a strong internet connection with Wi-Fi coverage throughout your store location. The Cloud-based software can make it more difficult for rural locations to use this system.
  • Advanced tools and features require an additional and costly membership.
  • Hardware is not included and costs would differ depending on the merchant’s iPad of choice


KORONA POS is a cloud-based liquor POS software with low monthly expenses and a few eCommerce partnerships. It is compatible with any smart device such as iPads, Android tablets, and even desktop computers. Therefore, it can operate on the hardware you may already own, or you can purchase new terminal hardware directly from KORONA.

The KORONA POS software is incredibly easy to set up. Once you create an account on KORONA’s website, you immediately gain access to your management dashboard. Additionally, KORONA offers a free demo version of its app so you can test all its features. This unique feature makes it easier for merchants to commit once they’ve had the opportunity to test drive the POS system.

KORONA software is compatible with payment processors like TSYS, First Data, Heartland, Cayan, Elavon, EVO, and Clearant. Because no long-term contracts apply to KORONA software, merchants can shop around for the right payment processor to fit their needs, and transfer their POS system with them to any compatible processor with the best rates and services.

Korona POS Features

To add, KORONA’s features include:

Loss and Theft Prevention

Loss and theft prevention tools allow merchants to control employee access and unique user permissions for as many account profiles as they would like. KORONA tracks individual employee voids and refunds making it easier to pinpoint register shortages in a cashier

Inventory Management Tools

KORONA offers real-time inventory updates. Which makes restocking more accurate. Inventory management and stocking requests can be placed directly on KORONA’s merchant dashboard.

Liquor Industry Specific Integrations

Integrations do lack with KORONA. However, it does offer a few industry-specific integrations. For example, bLoyal and BottlecApps offer loyalty programs, customer-facing apps, and provide easy eCommerce shopping and local delivery.

Age Verification Processes

KORONA can be configured to where cashiers are prompted to ask for a customer’s date of birth before completing a sale. Or it may require a cashier to scan a customer’s ID for age verification.

Cashier helping a customer check out while holding a bottle of vinegar

Korona POS Benefits

  • Low monthly expenses
  • Month-to-month contracts
  • Compatible with multiple payment processors
  • Easy integration with any smart device or new Korona hardware
  • Easy set-up
  • Tools and integrations including:
  • appointment booking
  • inventory tracking
  • vendor management
  • case-break tools
  • case promotions
  • loss and theft prevention
  • age verification processes

Korona POS Cons

  • No payroll integrations
  • No accounting features, other than Quickbook integrations
  • Web access required
  • Inventory management is not available in KORONA’s basic plan

POS Nation

POS Nation is locally installed in your liquor store location and offers various liquor store tools and quality offline capabilities. Because the POS runs on an internal network, payment processing is not dependent on internet connectivity. However, access to inventory and operation tools and data is still accessible via the cloud.

POS Nation can integrate with several different payment processors. This may include North American Bancard, First American, Heartland, Priority I.S., Evo, and Worldpay. However, month-to-month users are forced to use only Worldpay, which may not be the best payment provider.

Payments can either be made monthly, or a merchant can purchase the whole system upfront in a discounted bundle. However, satisfactory customer service is a major concern. Merchants who want access to 24/7 support are required to pay an additional fee.

POS Nation Features

To add, POS Nation features include:

Age Verification

POS Nation can be configured to have a cashier scan a customer’s ID or it can prompt the cashier to enter the customer’s date of birth to complete a transaction.


Hardware is included with POS Nation subscription payments. Each terminal is $99 a month. But merchants who purchase terminals outright will pay $999 per terminal. Additional equipment like scanners is not included in this fee.

Case-break Inventory Tracking

To ensure accurate inventory tracking for cases and bottles, POS Nation can track multiple items with the same UPC.

Month-to-month Payment Options

POS Nation offers merchants month-to-month subscriptions, which means no long-term, hard-to-get-out-of contracts. However, monthly subscriptions reduce payment processor options from many to one; Worldpay.

Cash Discounts

In all reality, cash discounts are not actually reducing the cost of the product. Merchants would set costs for their products high enough to cover their card processing fees, and when a customer pays for cash, that additional fee would not apply, but the customer would see it as a discount. Proving more beneficial in their eyes.

Keep in mind, however, that 10 of the U.S. states prohibit passing on credit card fees to customers. Still, cash discounting is allowed everywhere in the U.S.

Advanced Regional Reporting

POS Nation includes a few regional reports. Such reports include the 1014 reporting for Pennsylvania beer wholesalers and the Wholesale Liquor Report for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

Woman paying for a bottle of wine with her credit card

POS Nation Benefits

  • Integrates with a wide range of payment processors
  • Asks for age verification
  • Discount options for cash
  • Advanced liquor store tools and features such as:
  • age verification processes
  • included hardware
  • case-break inventory tracking
  • month-to-month payment options
  • cash discount settings
    regional reports

POS Nation Cons

  • Limited eCommerce capabilities
  • Additional hardware can be costly
  • Subscription options are limited to one set payment processor

IT Retail POS

IT Retail is a robust hybrid point-of-sale system that is perfect for high-volume liquor stores that require advanced liquor store tools, security features, and industry-grade hardware.

IT Retail POS Features

IT Retail’s features include:

Customer Rewards Management

IT Retail POS will prompt cashiers to notify customers who have outstanding reward points to use toward their purchases. Your customers never have to remember to ask to apply their points and cashiers never have to hunt through the system to find the right customer profile.

Anti-theft Security

IT Retail POS scrutinizes every transaction for suspicious activity. Management is immediately notified when a transaction seems fraudulent. Electronic journal features and an integrated video surveillance monitor and records what cashiers and customers do at the register.

Reporting and Inventory Management tools

Inventory management tools alert when stock is low and prompts for a new order to be fulfilled. From there, merchants can access reports that diagnose which products are selling better than others. Liquor store owners can also evaluate employee performance by comparing cashier’s sales, refunds, voids, refunds, and canceled transactions against the store’s average.

Advanced Hardware

Countersunk barcode scanners and customer-facing terminal displays support high-volume store operations with industry-grade hardware solutions.

Cashier at a wine store running a credit card through a Point of sale terminal

IT Retail POS Benefits

To add, IT Retail POS benefits include:

  • Customizable touchscreens
  • Security surveillance
  • Age verification
  • Case-break inventory and pricing tools
  • Real-time inventory
  • management and low-stock notifications
  • Anti-theft prevention
  • Vendor management
  • Industry-grade hardware
  • Customer rewards management
  • Mobile reporting
  • IT Retail POS Cons

IT Retail POS Cons

  • Additional fees for on-site merchant support
  • Hardware and installation are charged per each
  • No email marketing features
  • Lacking in liquor industry eCommerce integrations
  • Only supports Fiserv payment processor and the built-in IT Retail Payments


A software subscription with Harbortouch POS includes free industry-grade POS hardware. Designed to handle even the busiest of liquor stores. Harbortouch is partnered with the merchant services provider, Shift4 Payments. With this partnership, Shift4 recovers the “loss” on free hardware, by applying higher payment processing fees.

Harbortouch Features

Harbortouch’s features include:

Case-break Pricing

Harbortouch offers mix-and-match and case-break pricing. These pricing features can be useful when running specials. Especially specials that coincide with holidays like Oktoberfest, Cinco de Mayo, or St. Patty’s Day.

Inventory Management

Harbortouch POS offers robust inventory and vendor management. To add, Harbortouch allowed merchants to create custom labels for barcodes. These can then be printed directly from the POS system and added to items in stock.

Free Hardware, Paper Supplies, and Marketing Tools

Harbortouch saves you money, not only do you get free hardware with inclusive terminals, but you also receive free thermal receipt paper, and inclusive marketing tools. Harbortouch’s software seamlessly integrates with email marketing and social media channels. This means you can create, view and track social media posts right from your Harbortouch dashboard.

Age Verification

Age verification offers steps to ensure all sales of alcohol are legal. Harbortouch’s prompt to check IDs guides cashiers through the proper steps.

Harbortouch Benefits

To add, POS Nation benefits include:

  • Affordable
  • Inclusive hardware
  • Inclusive Paper Supplies
  • Inclusive marketing tools
  • Age verification
  • Case-break pricing
  • Inventory management

Harbortouch Cons

  • Shift4 is the only accessible merchant service provider
  • eCommerce integrations for liquor stores are unavailable
  • No Payroll integrations
Dejavoo payment terminals


Dejavoo is a well-rounded hardware and software solution for your liquor store. It offers countertop and wireless payment terminals, PIN pads, and full POS register systems. Dejavoo Systems is one of the most widely used platforms among merchants for its versatility.

Dejavoo writes its own software code to facilitate payment processing on its physical or cloud-based terminals. That means any type of merchant can utilize Dejavoo systems.
Dejavoo hardware easily integrates with various payment software. The card readers themselves accept swiped, dipped, tapped, and contactless payment.

Dejavoo Features

Dejavoo features include:

AURA Terminal Software

User-friendly color-coded touchscreen technology that facilitates frictionless POS transactions.

Web-based Download System

Build files, updates, and customize terminals right from the web.

Remote Key Load

Seamless key encryption for terminals and PIN pads with Remote Key Load service. No shipping required

Fee Options

Customize transaction fees to fit your business needs such as surcharges, cash discounts, and custom fees.

Built-in Loyalty Program

Increase sales with an easy and free rewards program for loyal customers.

Dejavoo Benefits

To add, Dejavoo benefits include:

  • Hardware and Software options
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi- capabilities
  • Wireless or Countertop terminals
  • Touch-screen display
  • User-friendly
  • Signature pads
  • Privacy shields

Dejavoo Cons

  • The software does not offer industry-specific tools
  • No full-blown POS system directly from Dejavoo
Cashier pressing a touchscreen inside a restaurant


When you think of a POS system, Square is one of the common ones that come to mind. Its modern sleek design and inclusive software offer easy point-of-sale for almost any retail business, including liquor stores.

Square offers flat rate fees of 2.6% plus $0.10 per in-person transaction. Which makes it easy for merchants to understand. However, knowing what you’ll pay at the end of the month doesn’t always mean better. Or more economical.

Square Features

Square feature include:

Afterpay Partnership

Easily offer point-of-sale financing and Buy Now Pay Later programs to customers with Square’s Afterpay partnership, built right into its software.

Inventory Management

Square’s free inventory management features offer fast setup, downloadable CSV reports, stock alerts, daily detailed stock levels emails, easy item management, and edit options, projected profit reporting, and purchase orders.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty earners typically spend 43% more on purchases. So with that said, you can enroll Customers at checkout with their phone numbers in Square’s customer loyalty program. Automated text messages keep customers up to date on their points and rewards.

eCommerce Integration

Square offers easy eCommerce integration with online stores. It has partnered with popular online website platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Ecwid, BigCommerce, 3dcart, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, Magento, or any custom site. Even with eCommerce platforms, processing with square software offers transparent pricing, quick deposits, fraud detection, and chargeback protection and assistance.

Square Benefits

To add, Square benefits include:

  • Offers volume discounts for merchants over $250,000 per month in processing
  • Zero monthly fees
  • Easy BNPL solutions with Afterpay partnership with no merchant risk
  • Live customer service
    Compatible with all smart devices for mobile transactions
  • User-friendly technology

Square Cons

  • Flat-rate pricing programs can be expensive
  • Loyalty program comes with fees: $45-$105/mo depending on how many loyalty customers a merchant has
  • Chargeback protection is limited up to $250 a month
    Any additional add-ons can be costly
  • Subpar customer support
Clover payment terminals


Clover is probably the next most popular POS system. It is a fully-comprehensive point-of-sale system with a wide range of features. Clover is easily customizable and great for small to mid-sized businesses. Its powerful processing backed by its parent company Fiserv (payment processor extraordinaire) anchored by its ergonomic and sleek hardware functionality makes it a covetest system.

Clover Features

Clover feature include:

User-friendly Interfaces

Clover’s user-friendly interfaces make it easy for staff to process payments and make point-of-sale a seamless and efficient experience.

Mobile App and eCommerce Integration

Clover’s mobile app lets you take payment processing and reporting tools on the go. Its seamless eCommerce integration allows you to accept payments online through a virtual terminal and track all transactions in the same reporting program.

Business App Tools

Clover’s extensive app library offers merchants inclusive tools for all things business including inventory management, payroll, customer loyalty programs, accounting, reporting, and more.

Clover Benefits

To add, Clover benefits include:

  • Variety of Hardware options
  • App store with additional business functionality tools
  • Simple set-up process
  • Accepts in-person, online, contactless, and mobile payment

Clover Cons

  • Can get expensive
  • Poor customer service
  • Little information on help tools
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Final Thoughts On The Best Liquor Store Point-of-Sale Systems

And there you have it, a list of the top 9 liquor store point-of-sale systems available for your small business in 2023. There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. The ultimate decision lies with which system offers the most important features to you as a business owner.

But the point-of-sale system that your business uses should include more than an inexpensive cash register to take digital payments. Having innovative tools that offer efficiency, inventory control, and streamlined business functions will give you the solutions you need to grow.

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