The Automated Clearing House Network

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Pay and get paid faster.

With the Automated Clearing House Network (ACH), paper checks are a thing of the past. ACH transactions are efficient and completely electronic by taking the funds directly from the customer’s bank account. These transactions are also more economically friendly with low, affordable processing fees.

Use our virtual terminal to process individual ACH transactions.

Submit multiple ACH transactions in one online batch.

Easy direct deposit payroll process.

Convenient B2B transactions.

Online transaction status reports.

Seamless recurring payment setup.

Efficient and economic electronic transactions.

If your business would benefit from easy debiting and crediting of a client’s bank account, lower transaction fees, and a seamless recurring payment setup, you might want to consider adding ACH transactions to the payment solutions you offer.

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What types of transaction is ACH typically used for?

There are various types of transactions that ACH facilitates, such as debit for recurring bill payments, direct deposits for payroll, government payouts, business-to-business transactions, and person-to-person payments, to name a few.

Are ACH transactions secure?

In addition to both parties’ bank security protocols, the ACH network incorporates multiple layers of security measures to protect sensitive data during transmission. In short, ACH transactions are secure.

How long does it take for an ACH transaction to settle?

The time it takes for an ACH transaction to settle varies based on the merchant service provider, the banks, the timing of the transaction, and any settlement delays you may have on your merchant account. Holidays can also play a factor in the timing of an ACH settlement. In most cases, however, merchants should receive their funds within a few business days. 

What are the fees associated with ACH transactions?

The fees a merchant will pay for ACH transactions will vary depending on their payment processor, but the fees for ACH transactions are minimal when compared to credit card processing fees and, generally, are only a few cents per transaction. 

Can I set up recurring payments with ACH?

Yes, many merchants find ACH a helpful tool for scheduling automatic recurring payments, such as for bill pay or subscriptions.

Can I track my ACH transactions?

At ECS, we offer an exclusive online portal for our merchants to track the journey and status of each ACH transaction from initiation to settlement. Our online portal will also inform you of any returned transactions, allowing you to properly manage your transaction activity and take your processing into your own hands.