Advance your business with ATMs.

We offer temporary or permanent ATM processing platforms, equipment, and support. With our services you will have connections to all major ATM networks, access to all state EBT programs, and a dedicated merchant services support team.

The costs associated with having an ATM at your business vary depending on factors such as the type of ATM, your leasing or purchasing options, maintenance fees, transaction fees, and any surcharges you may collect to offset the cost.

Access all major ATM networks.

Placing an ATM at your business offers several benefits. It can attract more foot traffic to your location by providing convenient cash withdrawal, and you can also earn additional revenue by implementing surcharges on each transaction.

If your business offers cash discounts, is a cash-only business, or wants to offer more convenience for customers–regardless of the payment options you already offer–you may want to consider getting an ATM for your business.

What is an ATM?

An ATM is an Automated Teller Machine. It may be placed at your merchant location to provide your customers with a convenient way to withdraw cash through their debit or ATM cards. 

Do ATMs require internet connections?

Yes, an ATM requires an internet connection to successfully process transactions. An internet connection can be made wirelessly through Wi-Fi, cellular networks, or a wired connection, such as with ethernet or a phone line. 

How can I earn revenue from an ATM placed at my business?

Merchants can earn revenue by implementing surcharges on ATM transactions, such as charging a convenience fee when a customer withdraws cash from your ATM. This fee is revenue for your business as compensation for hosting the ATM at your location.

Who is responsible for maintaining my ATM?

Your ATM service provider is responsible for maintaining and servicing your ATM. They handle tasks such as replenishing cash and resolving technical issues. 

Are there security measures in place to prevent fraud at an ATM?

ECS’s ATMs are equipped with many security features to protect against fraud, including tamper detection mechanisms, secure PIN entry, and encryption technology. It is also recommended to have surveillance cameras installed near your ATM to capture any illegal activity.