Contactless payments, for your convenience.

On the go, just like you.

With contactless payments, your customers can visit your store and leave their wallets at home. With popular “tap-to-pay” processing such as Apply Pay®, Google Pay®, or Samsung Pay®, you can serve more customers, build brand loyalty, and boost your revenue.

Our mobile payment capabilities offer your customers contactless payment options that provide transactional ease, hygiene, security, convenience, and a shorter time in line to pay for products and services. With “tap-to-pay” processing, transactions take less than 2 seconds.

African american businessman paying at a cafe by holding his smartphone over a contactless payment terminal
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Become competitive.

Convenience is the number one priority for today’s consumers. By offering contactless and mobile payment options, you can set yourself apart from your competition. With contactless payments, you will generate higher traffic flow, repeat business, loyal customers, and increased profit margins.

Contactless security.

Mobile payments offer additional security measures versus those used in cards with magnetic stripes or EMV chips. With mobile wallets and NFC-enabled (near-field communication) credit and debit cards, full card numbers are never stored. A one-time encrypted code is created for each transaction, and sensitive information is not transmitted. With the data security that contactless payments offer, the threat of fraudulent activity is less of a risk, and merchants can carry less liability (and have lower fees).

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Do all terminals accept contactless payments?

Though not all terminals accept contactless payments, their popularity has significantly increased in recent years. For added customer convenience, safety, and security, it is a good idea to implement contactless payment options into your business.

Are there additional fees for contactless payments?

Although the debit or credit card may not always be “physically” present, contactless payments are considered in-person, or card-present, transactions. Therefore, contactless payments do not incur additional fees or charges beyond the basic transaction fees associated with dipped payment methods.