As we know, the tech world is constantly innovating and evolving. It can be overwhelming, but it can also be exciting because business AI tools have become a valuable asset to optimize business workflows, increase productivity, and enhance the overall workflow for merchants. 

Nowadays, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. AI uses natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and deep learning to understand, generate, analyze, and interact. 

So, if you haven’t done so already, it’s probably time to consider some artificial intelligence (AI) tools that could help streamline your business. 

How Can Business AI Tools Help?

AI contains powerful tools businesses can leverage to create more productive processes in various fields. There are AI tools for:

  • Text-based tasks and content generation
  • Grammar 
  • Detecting Plagiarism 
  • Meeting and Conversation Assistants
  • SEO 
  • CRM, Marketing, and Sales Automation
  • Website Chatbot Generation
  • Video Generation and Editing
  • Art Generation
  • Voice Generation

And so much more. 

For any business need, there is probably an AI tool out there to help. There are so many different AI tools out there that it was tough to pick and choose which ones to list in this article. 

However, after some research and deduction, we have 30 Business AI tools that we think could help your overall business productivity and seamless management of all your systems. Most of these business AI tools offer a free version with more comprehensive paid plans available. 

But keep in mind that any AI tool should be used responsibly, and artificial intelligence does not always replace human-generated content, creativity, or skills. 

Text-Based Tasks, Content Generation, and Information 

Most marketers spend a significant portion of their days writing engaging content. However, the process can be time-consuming, especially when you have to research the topic first. 

That’s where AI writing tools offer relief. AI content writing tools assist with efficiency, accuracy, and creative strategizing. Marketers can use these tools for articles, social media posts, webpages, campaigns, and more. Although AI tools are not a replacement for human writing– and there are AI tools that can attest to this–they can serve as a productivity tool to optimize workflow.


We’re starting off with the OG AI chatbot, ChatGPT–an extensive research assistant and content strategist. 

ChatGPT is designed for an array of generalized purposes for various users, including business owners, marketers, developers, students, travel enthusiasts, and Instagram influencers. Its chat-based responses cover various contexts including, but not limited to:

  • Writing articles or essays
  • Generating code
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Playing Games
  • Creating songs
  • Drafting emails
  • Explaining various topics
  • Mathematics
  • Summarizing articles
  • Translation
  • Providing recipe ideas
  • Learning foreign languages
  • Creating jokes, stories, or scripts
  • Generate art
  • Conducting market research
  • Extracting data from text

However, ChatGPT is limited in its knowledge and only occasionally updates its databases. As of June 2024, it is one year outdated. Before the recent update, it only had access to online information up to January 2022.


Sixteen months later, Google introduced Gemini, formerly known as Bard, another research assistant, and chatbot that was Google’s response to ChatGPT. The benefit of using Gemini over ChatGPT is that because it is linked directly to Google, Gemini is up to date with all information contained within Google searches.

However, because Gemini is so new and the AI is still learning, many prompts cannot be completed.  

Regardless, you can use Gemini to:

  • Get help with writing, brainstorming, learning, correcting grammar, and translating. 
  • Summarize or provide an overview of a topic in any format, such as a list, table, or chart.
  • Generate images. 
  • Chat with back-and-forth conversation to learn about new topics.
  • Ask questions about your surroundings using the camera function in the Gemini app. 
  • Get inspiration for activities to do. 
  • Create a custom itinerary, including flights and hotels based on your destination, date, duration, and price.
  • And so on.

Because Gemini is integrated directly with Google, it can offer specific help with Google-related applications such as:

  • Searching and summarizing information from your Gmail or Google Drive
  • Making plans with Google Maps and Google Flights
  • On Android devices, users can say “Hey Google” to ask Gemini for help with various topics

Gemini is still learning, so it may not get everything right. Still, its machine learning algorithms should adjust with time to become an AI-powered super tool for businesses. 


Last, in this category, we have Jasper, some sources of which have ranked the “Best AI Writing Tool Overall.” Though Jasper is designed to help users with various tasks, such as chat-style creation, learning, and art creation, it excels in content strategy and copywriting for marketing purposes. This is because it doesn’t rely solely on a GPT-3 API to create content; instead, it combines its LLM with marketing and sales data. 

It utilizes advanced AI algorithms, predictive analytics, and SEO integration to anticipate customer preferences and behaviors. This gives marketers a better way to craft highly targeted ad campaigns that resonate with specific audiences. Marketers can quickly generate compelling product descriptions, ad copy, and social media content, which saves time and ensures brand consistency. 

Jasper covers the entire marketing process, including strategy development, planning, execution, content review, outcome analysis, and optimization, while aligning with your style guide and adapting to your brand voice. Jasper’s marketing-specific functionality acts as an extension of your team, ensuring consistency and effectiveness and more strategic, better-aligned, and higher-performing campaigns.

Grammar Tools  

Grammar tools leverage AI technology to analyze written copy for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Some, mostly with paid versions, even offer insight and corrections for style, tone, clarity, engagement, and delivery.  


Grammarly is the most common and top-rated AI-powered grammar tool for businesses. In fact, I used Grammarly to edit this article! It helps users improve their writing by quickly identifying and correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. Users can also select their desired style and tone for more specific suggestions.

Regardless of your role or business type, written content is the cornerstone of most business operations, including internal and external email communication, marketing, and everything in between. 

This is why Grammarly should be your first stop before sending, submitting, or publishing any type of written communication. But what makes it incredibly convenient is that Grammarly integrates directly with browsers, so you don’t have to make a separate trip to to check your work.

Grammarly’s paid version also offers plagiarism checks to ensure your copy does not include work that was stolen (on purpose or by accident). All marketing content should steer clear of plagiarism to avoid copyright infringement, lawsuits, or low SEO rankings. 


Quillbot helps users rephrase and restructure text by adjusting words and sentence structure. Users can select settings to preserve original meaning and context, which results in creative, plagiarism-free content.


Wordtune gives users alternate ways to word a sentence, offering fresh perspectives for creating written content. Additionally, there is a translator that can detect up to nine languages, a writing assistant, and a summarizing tool that can summarize YouTube videos, blog posts, and PDFs. 

Additionally, the AI can answer questions and categorize the responses in a personalized knowledge base so you can refer to them whenever you need. 

Plagiarism and AI Detectors

Though Grammarly, the grammar AI tool above, offers plagiarism detection in its paid plan, there are alternative AI tools that are solely made to detect plagiarized work. 

Plagiarism detectors use algorithms to analyze written copy and compare it to a database of other texts online to match identical or similar texts. 

Additionally, AI detectors check to see if AI has generated a piece of text. Hiring teams, managers, content writers, and more use these tools to ensure content originality and identify if humans or AI wrote the text. 

Why is this important? Well, if any content is plagiarized or written by AI, businesses could risk financial losses and poor SEO ratings. Ensuring all written content is original is essential for your business.  


Copyleaks detects plagiarized content and AI-generated content. Additionally, it offers a writing assistant to help improve sentence structure, word choice, spelling, overall written mechanics, and more.

Copyleaks’ combination of AI Content Detector and Plagiarism Detector is a comprehensive business AI tool that helps users create original, creative, and accurate text.


Copyscape offers plagiarism checks through URL scanning, or businesses can invest in their premium version, where Copyscape will compare text or a URL to any other published content. 

Though Grammarly, Copyscape, and Copyleaks are the most popular and best-rated tools, other plagiarism and AI detectors include:

  • Winston AI

Meeting and Conversation Assistants

AI meeting and conversation assistants are great tools that help teams focus on the meeting at hand rather than trying to keep up with taking notes. These tools record calls, transcribe audio,  take notes, summarize discussions, and track action items. 

These business AI tools can integrate with video conferencing programs like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet with automatic meeting joining options. They can also integrate with anywhere you interact with customers, including calls, texts, emails, and websites. They increase meeting efficiency and productivity and save time via automating repetitive tasks.


Gong is used for customer-facing teams. It collects conversation data from everywhere your business interacts with customers to provide a full understanding of your customer lifecycle. It then analyzes these interactions to deliver insights that empower businesses to make better decisions within their business processes and interaction flow to increase revenue generation potential.


Otter AI can be used for internal or external meeting transcription. It timestamps transcriptions in real-time to quickly identify the most important parts of meetings and captures presentation slides. The best part about Otter AI is that everything is searchable across the entire team to ensure efficient meetings.  

Other AI writing tool options include:

  • Fireflies   
  • Airgram 
  • Meetgeek

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital marketing and content creation task. Because search engines,like Google or even those on social media, are constantly changing their algorithms, optimizing SEO content can be a never-ending task, not to mention the time it takes to monitor your competitors’ SEO strategies so you can gain a competitive edge.

So, staying current on the latest SEO techniques and trends is essential. Once you decide on your SEO strategy, it will not be complete without testing and measuring the results of your efforts.

Thankfully, business AI tools make it easier than ever to streamline SEO optimization. They automate tasks such as content optimization, keyword research, and generating SEO-rich content to improve your website’s search engine ranking.  


The Semrush platform is an all-in-one suite used for improving a brand’s overall online visibility and discovering marketing insights through:

  • keyword research
  • competitive analysis,
  • campaign management
  • website audits
  • backlink tracking
  • and a comprehensive insight into online visibility.  

Semrush is easily integrated into other business platforms, such as Google Docs and WordPress, for versatile optimization in all marketing areas from the start. 

Surfer SEO  

Next, Surfer SEO is another AI-driven SEO tool that researches Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and creates content briefs with comprehensive outlines. Once you’ve created your content, Surfer SEO compares it against the top articles in the SERPs and gives suggestions on how to beat your competition. 

Furthermore, Surfer SEO will use AI models to continuously analyze your website, searching for content decay and offering areas with opportunities for quick wins to stay ahead of your competition. 


Frase offers AI-generated content briefs on your written content. This SEO tool designs this brief from the top 20 pages on a search engine ranking for your target keyword. It includes the SERP competitors and their websites, keywords, headers, and People Also Ask questions. Additionally, Frase’s AI systems automatically generate content for you to give you a kick-start on your marketing materials. 

Additional AI SEO Tools include:

  • Alli AI
  • Rank Math Pro
  • Pro Rank Tracker

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales teams have a lot to juggle in their line of work, making it difficult to effectively manage their tasks, campaigns, and accounts. Thankfully, business AI tools can help with that. 

Running ads is crucial to finding new customers and retaining current ones. AI business tools play a pivotal role in this process by assisting users with writing copy, analyzing data and providing valuable insights, presenting campaigns to the right customers, and managing and optimizing performance.

Retention Science  

Retention Science is excellent for…you guessed it, retention! It connects directly to a store’s data to help businesses analyze customer behavior via analytics and personalize marketing campaigns, which increases customer loyalty.  

Freshworks Freddy  

Freshworks Freddy AI is a CRM-driven marketing automation tool that improves efficiency, automates tedious tasks, provides personalized decision-making insights, and transforms customer service practices, which enhances customer engagement.  It provides sales teams with: 

  • Lead scoring 
  • A Predicted lead closing score with next-step suggestions
  • High-Level Data Analyzation 
  • Sales task automation including interaction tracking, customer data, and workflow management. 


Pencil uses powerful generative AI to specialize in streamlining ad creation. It generates creative ad ideas, copy, designs, and ideas to help businesses create high-performing advertising campaigns, predict the success rate, and provides insights to improve ad performance and efficiency. 


AdCreative uses generative AI to generate high-ROI ad creatives tailored to a specific niche. It features a user-friendly interface with extensive ad creation and customization options to fine-tune colors, change images, and generate text to perfect the balance between aesthetics and effectiveness. 

Adcreative also provides performance tracking to gain valuable insights into ad performance, identify the most influential creations, and optimize advertising expenses.


Adzooma simplifies and optimizes digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels. It pulls data by seamlessly connecting your Search and Social ad platforms to launch new campaigns. It maximizes ad initiatives by suggesting changes to your campaign for increased ROI. is a beginner-friendly, multi-purpose writing tool that helps users write more effectively and generates all types of content, including ads, article headlines, social media content, and more. It ensures consistency in generating content that aligns with your brand voice.  

Microsoft Copilot 

Microsoft Copilot offers AI tools for sales and customer support. It integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Dynamics 365 Sales and can be configured to integrate with other sales solutions to simplify tasks, streamline communication, summarize information, and generate content.

Sales and marketing professionals can accomplish more in less time with Microsoft AI assistance to create:

  • emails in Outlook
  • pitch decks
  • meeting preparation briefs
  • data visualizations in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel  
  • meeting summaries in Microsoft Teams and save them directly to your CRM platform
  • and schedule meetings in Outlook with data from your CRM platform and Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Copilot also acts as a meeting and conversation assistant that helps sales and customer support reps personalize their interactions and strengthen customer relationships with AI-supported insights and recommendations on the next steps. 

For example, Copilot can: 

  • Empower agents with generative AI-powered answers from multiple sources.
  • Prepare users for meetings by overviewing past meeting notes, emails, opportunity summaries, and related content in Outlook and Teams.
  • Offer in-call insights with sales tips, related information, and answers to customer questions during Teams calls.
  • Generate meeting summaries with keyword and conversation analysis, competitor mentions, KPIs, and suggested tasks.

Lastly, Microsoft Copilot helps to streamline workflow. Microsoft 365 apps seamlessly integrate with your CRM platform to seamlessly:

  • Update records.
  • Capture and edit customer opportunity details.
  • Create and share opportunities, leads, and account information.
  • Create deal rooms in Teams that automatically sync with files from your CRM.

eCommerce Optimization

Just because eCommerce doesn’t require a physical location, managing an online store still involves a lot of work. Keeping up with your customers’ orders, identifying sales trends, and optimizing your pricing strategies takes time and effort that some business owners simply don’t have. 

That’s where artificial intelligence tools come in handy. It can help eCommerce merchants prioritize crucial things while automating the more mundane and time-consuming tasks.

E-commerce Booster by Semrush

Semrush is already a huge name in SEO strategy and optimization. However, eCommerce Booster by Semrush is an AI tool that helps eCommerce businesses optimize their product pages and drive more sales. 

E-commerce Booster provides actionable insights and to-do lists to help businesses enhance their e-commerce websites. It improves site accessibility with suggestions like adding image alt tags and customized color settings for better readability. It generates AI content such as SEO product and meta descriptions. Additionally, it analyzes up to 25 product pages on Shopify websites, and then provides actionable plans to help turn web browsers into buyers all with its free plan. 

Art and Logo Generators

AI image generators create art, logos, and art through a text prompt. AI art saves incredible amounts of time for the end user and encompasses different styles, such as vector or photorealistic. Though Google Gemini has an art feature along with its chat feature, there are specific creative business AI tools designed for the sole purpose of generating art. 

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is an art generator with AI tools to create and edit images, vector art, and text. The text-to-image feature generates images with a user text prompt. The generative fill feature can add or edit elements in photos. At the same time, the Generative Recolor also creates different color scheme variations of your artwork. The Text Effects tool creates interesting visual effects on text.  

Firefly is available as a web-based application or through Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. 


We understand that creating an entire brand seems daunting. However, Looka is a business AI tool that makes building brand guides and logos simple. 

It can generate dozens of logo designs and then match your chosen logo with colors and fonts to create a well-rounded brand. Then, you can apply your brand design to over 300 templates for accessible marketing materials such as email signatures, business cards, invoices, etc.

Magic Studio

Magic Studio is a business AI tool that designs eye-catching visuals, including social media posts, product images, and other graphics, using a text prompt. The added Magic Eraser and Background Remover tools make it simple to eliminate unwanted objects and backgrounds from designs.


Illustroke is a business AI tool that creates unique illustrations with or without color that can be used commercially without attribution. While competing tools make .jpg images, this AI tool creates editable vectors that can be reworked and resized after downloading.  

Video Generators and Editors

Editing videos can be a time-consuming process. Businesses need to invest in creative teams to tackle this meticulous task, which can take days, if not weeks, to receive the final product. However, AI video generators can help reduce some time and effort for certain types of content creation. 

Pictory AI

One business AI tool for video editing that we recommend is Pictory AI. It creates branded short-form videos from long-form, written content. You can give it a URL with your already published content, and it can choose the best content and use stock footage, background music, and AI-generated voice overs and captions to make a new video. 


Synthesia is a business AI tool that generates videos with avatars based on a text script. It creates audio voices and a matching video with an avatar that speaks the text script.  

Voice Generators (Plus Some Video)

AI Voice Generators use large language models to turn a text into a natural-sounding human voice. They are trained on large amounts of data, waveform generation, and linguistic and acoustic modeling. Here are a few options to provide audio to written content for your business—perfect for podcasts, blogs, audiobooks, and more. is an easy-to-use AI business tool that converts written content into realistic and natural-sounding audio with over 900 AI voices to choose from. Its additional editing tools can fine-tune AI voices by adjusting pronunciations and other aspects to truly personalize it to make it sound more human.  However, charges per character, so long-form text will add up pretty quickly.


Fliki is not only an AI voice generation tool that turns written text into audio in over 75 languages, but It can also pull b-roll videos and images from blogs and other sources to create simple voiceover videos alongside its stock media library, which includes images, video clips, and background music.


Murf.AI offers over 120 realistic voices with different characteristics and styles, plus you can edit each voice’s pitch, tone, and style. However, what makes Murf.AI the most unique is its video capability. 

Though it is not a traditional AI video generator, Murf.AI does include millions of media assets, such as video, images, and music, to help businesses create compelling videos for social media, the web, and more. 

Remember to Use Business AI Tools Responsibly

AI has truly advanced the way businesses operate. It can seem scary or overwhelming, but it can also offer a new world of possibilities and enhance productivity. All the AI tools listed above can help you run your business more efficiently through automated workflows and creative expansion. 

But remember that they are simply tools to help you do your work better, not a replacement for human intelligence, personality, connection, and creativity. Use the AI outcomes as a starting point, monitor your results critically, and continue to make more personalized design choices in the areas of your business where they matter most.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business AI Tools 

How can AI business tools increase efficiency?

AI can enhance efficiency in various aspects of business, including business processes, research, and decision-making. By automating repetitive tasks, analyzing large amounts of data, and offering predictive insights, AI can help businesses streamline operations while making more informed decisions.

What are the benefits business can gain from using AI tools?

AI tools for businesses can improve:

•Customer service

Are there risks associated with using AI tools for business?

Yes, there are risks to using AI tools for business. You want to be sure you evaluate and edit your results to ensure your materials are accurate and ethical. Risks may also include:

•Bias and discrimination
•Lack of transparency
•Job displacement
•Loss of privacy

How can my businesses reduce the risks of AI tools?

Businesses can reduce their risks when using AI tools by:

•Ensuring that the AI tools are used ethically and responsibly
•Implementing AI policies and procedures within the workplace
•Monitoring AI systems and results for bias and/or discrimination
•Providing employees with training on how and when to use AI and its potential risks