We Know You Have Many Options When It Comes To Merchant Processing.

We truly are a one-stop shop for all your payment processing needs and have made it a point to be personally involved in every step of the process. ECS is set apart in our dedication to personalized merchant relationships.

One reason we are set apart from your other payment processing options is the fact that ECS is the only company in the United States that has established itself as a fully in-house operation in all of our departments including customer service, technical support, underwriting, risk, and development.

We want our merchants to feel confident with their processing services. Knowing they are running a successful and secure operation for their clients and business endeavors for years to come. Our in-house operation fosters polished and long-term relationships with our clients and payment processing industry partners.


High and Low-Risk Assistance

Whether you are a merchant in a high-risk industry looking to set up a new payment processing account or an established low-risk merchant in need of a more reliable solution, we have the tools, resources, and extensive customer support you need to grow your business.

In-House Client Success Team

Once you are approved and ready to start transacting with our state-of-the-art payment solutions, one of our highly knowledgeable merchant relations specialists will immediately welcome you. We ensure your account is set up to your liking and that you understand how to use your terminal(s) and/or gateway and provide detailed access to your exclusive reporting portal. 

Merchant Education

Our client success team proactively answers all frequently asked questions by contacting our new merchants to introduce them to the services and solutions that we provide. The goal is to ensure our merchant’s accounts are set up to their liking and to provide informational tutorials so that our clients understand how to log into their account, and use their physical terminal(s), payment gateway, clover merchant portal, exclusive online reporting portal, and how to break down merchant statements.

In-Person Support

One of the most outstanding features offered by our client success team is in-person merchant visits. ECS boats about its personal approach to payment processing and nothing embodies it more than our new merchant terminal drop-offs and assistance visits.

Client Advocacy

A huge goal of our client success team is to save our merchants as much money as possible. If we spot any unnecessary fees, we will either remove them or educate our merchants on how to avoid them in the future.

PCI Compliance Assistance

Furthermore, our client success team will make sure you are keeping your business and consumer data safe by properly walking you through PCI compliance. Not only does this help reduce any risk of fraudulent transactions facilitated by your business, but it also helps reduce your credit card processing fees. PCI-compliant merchants will pay less on their monthly statements. And we want that for you.

In-House ECS Merchant Services Support Team

All our merchants have full access to our comprehensive merchant services support teams who are available with extended hours to answer every call in under a minute and every email the same day. We take pride in our world-class customer service and our support experts are at your fingertips to serve you in any need.

Our knowledgeable merchant support team is fully capable to assist merchants with live transaction status verifications, reporting, reconciliation, data migration, change requests, cancellations, and chargeback rebuttals.

In-House ECS Technical Support Team

Our in-house technical support team performs inventory control and ensures our terminal warehouse is fully stocked. Making sure we are ready for any size client order at all times. When a merchant account order comes in, they will create account-specific files to download onto our payment terminals. Then terminals are shipped out or hand delivered to our merchants.  

Most importantly, our team is readily available with extended hours to answer any merchant questions and troubleshoot terminals over the phone.

In-House Risk Department

At ECS, we take pride in our merchants’ and their cardholders’ safety and security. Our highly trained in-house risk team monitors your transaction based on the parameters set forth. Our Risk team specializes in identifying any suspicious activity to protect you against risk and fraud exposure.

If you foresee a significant change in volume in the forthcoming months, don’t hesitate to reach out! We can easily make adjustments to those parameters as your business grows. And that’s what we want for you! Suppose you need adjustments made to your parameters. In that case, our risk team will review your merchant account, confirm the natural business growth, and adjust your parameters accordingly.

Additionally, our educated in-house risk team educates our merchants. They provide all our merchants with insights on ways they can help mitigate fraud and losses for their businesses. Mitigating fraud and loss can be done in a variety of routes, but our risk team will know exactly what business practices need to be adjusted after their comprehensive risk analysis and transaction monitoring on our merchants.