Eliminate trips to the bank with RDC.

Remote deposit capture is a banking service that enables you to deposit physical checks into your bank account electronically. Typically, this is done by taking a picture of or scanning the check, where it is then authorized and deposited into your account.

Make deposits 24 hours a day.

Remote Deposit Capture offers benefits such as depositing checks at your convenience, faster availability of funds, and improved efficiency in check handling and reconciliation.

Store and access checks electronically online.

RDC adheres to strict security measures, including encryption and secure data transmission, to ensure your funds are safe and secured.

Online reporting compatible with your favorite accounting software.

At ECS, we provide the necessary tools for convenient and secure remote deposits with our remote deposit capture equipment and software.

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Improve your reputation and eliminate liability.

Is Remote Deposit Capture secure?

Similar to credit and debit security, Remote Deposit Capture comes with security measures to protect sensitive information on check images. These measures include encryption, secure data transmission, and adherence to industry security standards, however it is up to the user to implement best security practices, such as only using trusted Wi-Fi networks and maintaining security standards on scanning devices.

What are the fees associated with Remote Deposit Capture?

The fees associated with Remote Deposit Capture can vary, but common fees may include a monthly or annual service fee, transaction fees for each deposited check, and any fees for additional services or features.

How quickly are funds deposited through Remote Deposit Capture?

Fund availability after depositing a check through Remote Deposit Capture varies depending on the specific bank’s policies and the nature of the check. In general, funds can be available within one to two business days, but there may be a hold period, especially for large check amounts or checks from new or unfamiliar sources.

What should I do with the physical checks after depositing them through RDC?

Before discarding the physical check, you should make sure the deposit was successful and that the funds have been made available in your account. Once this happens, as a precaution, we recommend writing “Electronically Deposited” on the check. Then, you can securely store it for as long as you see necessary, or you can shred it.