Competitive edge services for your grocery business.

Exceptional customer experience.

Cultivating a memorable experience your customers deserve is your solution. Providing your consumers with the convenience and ease that your industry implies, with extended options for their go-to method of payment, generates a higher yield of clientele and boosts you above your competitors. At ECS, we offer cutting-edge payment processing solutions specifically designed to set your business apart from your leading competitors.

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Young woman paying for a snack at a vending machine using contactless method of payment with mobile phone

Convenient payment products.

With our stationary, wireless, and virtual terminal options, your business can accept secure payments online, in-store, with your customers’ cards, or with their mobile wallets.

All of our terminals have contactless features included, providing your customers the flexibility to pay with their mobile wallets and EMV-enabled cards.

In-store and online.

Seamlessly integrate our virtual terminal to your branded website and offer your customers the convenience of shopping online, paying on a virtual terminal, or providing grocery pick-up and delivery service.

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Why should I choose ECS for my grocery & convenience business?

ECS is dedicated to the relationship we have with our merchants. We maintain thousands of long-standing relationships with our merchants and the very best manufacturers, processors, and network members throughout the United States and its territories. 

In addition, our product diversity can accommodate any payment need for any size grocery & convenience business, whether a small business or a large corporation.  With the strength of our industry-leading partners, we continue to focus on industry changes to deliver the most advanced payment products for low to high-risk merchants.

Can I make changes to my merchant account once I sign up?

Yes! If you have changes to your name, bank account, address, or contacts, our merchant service representatives are happy to assist you in processing any changes to your account. If you want to change how you accept payments, our sales representatives will set you up for success. 

Does my grocery and convenience business need to be PCI compliant?

Any merchant processing credit or debit cards should abide by card brand policies to protect sensitive cardholder information. Any merchant who fails to become compliant may be subject to penalty fees. Fear not, our dedicated merchant services team will walk you through the steps required to become compliant and help you avoid any penalty fees from the card brand networks.

Does ECS have any hidden fees?

We pride ourselves on our transparency, and our goal is to support your grocery & convenience business with the best deals possible for your processing. Our fee structures are more cost-effective that the large merchant competitors, and our experienced account executives provide all of our merchants with a detailed agreement outlining the fees you may need to pay. Every merchant is different, however, and your account executive will determine the best package for your business.

I already have my own equipment. Can I still open a merchant account with ECS?

Depending on your equipment’s make, model, and age, it may be outdated, but we can easily reprogram most equipment to be compatible with our payment solutions. If you eventually need a new device, we are proud to offer device setups for terminals and POS systems from our partners Clover, Dejavoo, and Verifone. We also offer seamless integration to existing online platforms.

When do I receive my funds?

At ECS, we have next day funding, where funds are generally deposited 1-2 business days after your transactions are successfully batched out. Timing can vary depending on the time of day, whether your batch lands on a holiday or weekend, and your processing platform, but you can rest assured that your funds will land in your account. 

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