Credit Card Processing 101

Signing Credit Card Receipts: Is it still Required?

 — 13 minutes

Signing credit card receipts is now optional if you have an EMV-compliant credit card reader. EMV-compliant checkout carries many benefits.

Credit Card Processing 101

Merchant Account Limits: A Guide

 — 15 minutes

Merchant account limits are set in place to protect businesses, cardholders, and the financial institutions involved in the process.

Credit Card Processing 101

How Payment Request APIs Work

 — 14 minutes

Revolutionary payment request APIs have changed the way businesses accept online payments and has created a secure and seamless customer experience.

Payment Solutions

How to Easily Build Business Credit with an EIN

 — 16 minutes

Build your business credit with your EIN. Separating your personal and business finances is the best way to make sure you are set up for success.

Merchant Tips

How To Build Business Credit: From Personal Experience

 — 16 minutes

Business credit tells lenders how trustworthy your business is to lend to. Without it, you will have an impossible time securing funds to build your business

Payment Solutions

Need a Merchant Account But Have Bad Credit? Do This!

 — 10 minutes

A merchant with a low credit score, whether it’s because of a sales downtrend, a prior bankruptcy, or any other reason, ECS can help you!