Retail Payment Solutions

Comprehensive payment solutions and services that will set you apart in the competitive world of retail.

Extraordinary Customer Experience

Cultivating the memorable experience your customers deserve requires exceptional staff, phenomenal business practices, and innovative payment processing solutions to meet all your transaction needs. At ECS, we offer cutting-edge retail solutions designed to leave a lasting impression.


Flexible Retail Payment Systems

ECS’s full range of payment processing integrations and products are designed to be the most up-to-date, secure, and dynamic options tailored perfectly to your retail shop. Offer convenient, safe, and speedy checkouts with our countertop, wireless, and virtual terminal options. Your customers can pay how they want; online, in-store, with their cards, or with their mobile wallets. 


ECS offers various solutions to provide our merchants and their consumers with additional funding needed to advance their business or make necessary purchases. Apply today with a quick and easy online application.


Countertop and Wireless Terminals

Our flexible countertop and wireless terminal options offer payment solutions for diverse in-store environments to fit your retail needs. Connectivity is flexible with ethernet, wifi, or phone line.


Contactless and Mobile Solutions

Offer convenience, speed, efficiency, and safety with the adaptation of contactless and mobile solutions. All of our terminals are designed with contactless feature options that provide your customers with the flexibility to pay with their mobile wallets and EMV-enabled cards. 


Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Our powerful POS software integrations will streamline your business’s functionality. Efficiently manage the entirety of your retail business with a sleek and user-friendly interface with your existing point-of-sale system, or ask us how you can upgrade your current card reader.


Seamlessly integrate our retail payment solutions with a virtual terminal to your branded website.  Maintain the refinement and beauty your business deserves. Synchronize all your transactions, reports, and data into one powerful tool for you and your clients alike.

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Andre Brown Client

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    ECS is a one-stop-shop for all retail payment processing solutions. Our innovative payment products and services are easy to use, secure, seamless, and most importantly cost-effective compared to our industry competitors.

    Along with our solutions, we provide comprehensive online reporting, account managers, and a fully in-house operation. Our team of merchant services and technical support representatives are ready to assist your retail business every step of the way.

    ECS is dedicated to the relationship we have with our merchants.  We maintain thousands of long-standing relationships with our merchants and the very best manufacturers, processors, and network members throughout the United States and its territories. 

    ECS’s product diversity can accommodate any payment need for any size retail business including eCommerce. With the strength of our industry-leading partners, we continue to focus on industry changes to deliver the most advanced payment products for low to moderate-risk merchants. 

    If you are a high-risk merchant or unsure what your risk status is, please reach out and we will get you all the information you need to begin processing with the right platform and processor.

    Yes! If you have changes to your name, bank account, address, or contacts, our helpful team of merchant service representatives is happy to assist you in processing all changes to your account. 

    If you want to change how to accept payment and the products needed, our sales representatives are happy to discuss different options to set you up for success.

    Any merchant taking payment with credit or debit cards needs to abide by card brand policies to protect cardholder information.  Merchant’s who fail to become compliant may be subject to penalty fees.

    Once you are processing with ECS, our friendly merchant relations team will reach out and guide you through the simple steps you need to take to protect your card holders’ data and avoid any penalty fees from the card brand networks.

    At ECS, our goal is to support your business with the best deals possible for your processing. Because no two merchants are the same, your unique needs will determine the best product package for your business. Please reach out to our sales team where one of our knowledgeable account executives would be happy to discuss your options.

    At ECS, our objective is to go above and beyond to maintain transparency with our merchants.  Our experienced account executives will provide you with a very straightforward processing agreement that outlines the type of fees you will encounter as a merchant that uses our processing services.

    ECS can easily reprogram most equipment.  Depending on your equipment’s make, model, and age, it may be outdated, which may pose a challenge for efficient transacting and certain processors. In these cases, we are proud to offer new device setups for terminals and POS systems such as Clover, Dejavoo, and Verifone. We also offer seamless integration to any existing online platform.

    New equipment needs are no match for ECS. Should you need new or additional processing equipment, you may reach out to your sales representative or our technical support team. We are here to get you everything you need to be set up for success.

    Funds are generally deposited 1-2 business days after your transactions are successfully batched out. Timing can vary depending on what time of day you close your batch, if your batch lands on a holiday or weekend, and which processing platform is selected to best represent your business model.