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ECS supports our merchants with a diverse range of credit and debit card processing solutions.

We’ve got you covered.

Accept payment in-person or online with our innovative terminal solutions. Whether you need a stationary, wireless, mobile, or virtual terminal, a payment gateway, or software integration, ECS is the right choice for you.

Our offerings.

Virtual Terminals

Whether you run an eCommerce business or you prefer to run your transactions without the need for a physical terminal, our virtual terminal features have everything you need to process your sales.

  • Process credit, debit, and ACH transactions.
  • Accessible with internet access (Wi-Fi or ethernet).
  • Key in or swipe with card reader accessories.
  • Mobile application options.
  • User-friendly.
  • Quickly email customer receipts.
  • Customer database.
  • Set up recurring payments.
  • Automated end of day transaction report.
  • Download transaction reports.

Mobile Payments

Use your existing iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile device to process credit card transactions on the go.

  • Process on smartphone and tablet application for keyed-in and swiped transactions.
  • Supports bluetooth peripherals such as printers and external card readers.
  • Online connectivity via Wi-Fi and cellular network.

Wireless Payments

Convenient transactions anywhere. ECS is proud to offer our made for purpose terminals that you can take to your customers for transactional ease.

  • Transact from anywhere in your business environment.
  • Accept quick and easy card and mobile wallet payments.
  • Swipe, dip, or tap card data.
  • Online connectivity via Wi-Fi and cellular network.
  • Integrate with our secure gateway.

Countertop Terminals

ECS has you covered with our state-of-the-art countertop terminals and POS system software integrations.

  • Accept quick and easy card and mobile wallet payments.
  • Swipe, dip, or tap card data.
  • Connect online with Wi-Fi, cellular, or ethernet capabilities.
  • Integrate with our secure gateway.
man paying using clover go

Check out our terminals.

Whether you have your own equipment or are looking for new terminals, we have the solution for you. We are proud to offer device setups and point-of-sale systems with Clover, Dejavoo, and Verifone terminals, and we also offer seamless integrations to existing online platforms. If you already have equipment, we can easily reprogram most devices to be compatible with our products.

How does credit and debit payment processing work?

The process involves authorizing, capturing, and settling the funds from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account. This process is facilitated by the card network, issuing bank, payment processor, and acquiring bank. The payment processor then communicates with the customer’s card-issuing bank to verify the transaction details and the availability of funds. If approved, the transaction is successful, and the sale is completed. For a more in-depth explanation, check out Credit Card Processing 101: Understanding the Key Players, the Process, the Fees, and More.

How long does it take for funds from credit and debit transactions to be deposited into my account?

If the transaction is approved, the funds will generally be deposited in 1-3 business days. This can vary depending on your merchant agreement, the cutoff time of the payment processor, when the transaction was processed and batched out, holidays, and more. If you are set up for next-day funding, then you will receive your funds the next business day.

What are the fees associated with credit and debit processing?

Common credit card processing fees include transaction fees (a percentage of the transaction amount based on interchange rates), per transaction flat fees, monthly statement fees, chargeback fees, and other potential fees based on your processing platform and payment solution options. Keep in mind, how you accept credit and debit card payments may increase your fees, such as card present vs card-not-present. For more information, check out Credit Card Processing 101: Understanding the Key Players, the Process, the Fees, and More.

Can I accept credit and debit card payments online with ECS?

Yes, we offer online payment processing solutions for our merchants with our integrated payment gateway solutions. Our payment gateway facilitates secure online transactions between your website and the payment processor.

What security measures do you have to protect credit and debit card transactions?

We have many measures in place to protect sensitive credit and debit card information, such as card data encryption, tokenization, PCI DSS compliance, fraud detection, and an in-house risk team. Call us at 866.651.8724 or email us today at to learn more.

Can I set up recurring payments for my customers using credit and debit payment processing?

We offer online virtual terminals that can be used to set up recurring payments while securely tokenizing customers’ credit or debit card information. You can offer recurring payments for subscriptions, installment plans, bill payments, and monthly or yearly membership fees.