Money makes the world go round. And when you don’t have money—and you need to make money—it might be time to borrow some money. While traditional lenders (e.g. banks) are one option, they also have cumbersome funding processes that can take weeks or months.


 In fact, ECS has been offering legitimate merchant cash advances (unlike other providers) since the 90s. We’re the #1 expert in the field. 


Merchant cash advances are very much tied into payment processing, as repayment of the borrowed funds is drawn from debit and credit card payment settlements. We’ll look at the pros and cons of such financing in our articles.


Learn more about all facets of funding and payment processing in our latest blog posts.

Payment Solutions

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Lending Institutions

 — 9 minutes

Digital innovation is transforming how lending institutions operate. However, financiers can harness technology to enhance efficiency.

Payment Solutions

How Mobile Apps are Changing the Borrower Experience in Personal Loans

 — 10 minutes

Mobile applications are streamlining personal loan applications and helping lenders in efficient credit assessment and faster borrower approvals.

Payment Solutions

​​Refinancing a Business Loan Could Save You Thousands

 — 16 minutes

We will show you how refinancing your business loan will save your business money and generate more working capital with a lower interest rate

Merchant Tips

How To Build Business Credit: From Personal Experience

 — 16 minutes

Business credit tells lenders how trustworthy your business is to lend to. Without it, you will have an impossible time securing funds to build your business

Payment Solutions

What is Easy Finance For Merchants?

 — 8 minutes

Easy financing for merchants can play a pivotal role in the growth and success of a business.

Payment Solutions

The Benefits of a True Merchant Cash Advances

 — 14 minutes

A merchant cash advance is a temporary type of financing tool that can benefit businesses that accept credit and debit payments.

Payment Solutions

Discover Plastic Surgery Financing Solutions that Top Surgeons Offer

 — 15 minutes

Plastic surgery financing is key if you’re looking to accept more patients and turn over more profits this year

Payment Solutions

Everything Your Small Business Should Know About Liquidity

 — 11 minutes

Learn how your business liquidity defines the financial health of your business and your pivoting potential during uncertain economic circumstances.

Payment Solutions

Conquer Customer Hesitation With Convenient Point-of-Sale Consumer Financing

 — 17 minutes

Boost sales and crush consumer hesitation when you offer easy point-of-sale consumer financing at check out.

Payment Solutions

Medical Financing: A Simple Solution to Boost Your Healthcare Business

 — 20 minutes

Healthcare businesses that adopt medical financing instantly become a one-stop shop for all patient needs.

Payment Solutions

Merchant Financing 101

 — 20 minutes

Financing can play a key role in the ability to grow. Merchant financing can help your small-business acquire the capital it needs to succeed.