As a family-owned merchant service provider company in a saturated market, ECS has taken every possible step to make sure we lead the pack in world-class merchant services and support. We pride ourselves on highly knowledgeable and easy-to-access customer support teams. Because we fully understand that it’s the customer experience that makes all the difference in a credit card processing company. In terms of relationships, growth,

So what makes ECS merchant account services support teams so special? Keep reading to find out exactly what we offer and how it will continually blow our competition out of the waters.

We Know Merchants Have Many Options

We know merchants have many options when it comes to merchant processing services. This is why we make it a priority to show why ECS is their best choice. We truly are a one-stop shop for all merchant payment processing needs and have made it a point to be personally involved in every step of the process.

Most importantly, ECS is set apart in our dedication to personalized merchant relationships. Whether you need merchant services for small businesses or large, ECS has the capacity to handle it all. All while never losing our personal touch and custom-tailored solutions.

Extensive Account Executives Force

By personal touch, we mean that our sales reps are located on the west coast at our California location, in the North West in our Boise, Idaho location, in the South at our Texas location, and even in the Caribbean at our Puerto Rico location. Though we are an in-house operation, we have extended our account representatives across the country to ensure as many merchants as possible are able to experience face-to-face account setups.

Our CEO has made it his goal to be set apart from other payment processing companies where there is no personal interaction, but rather a faceless phone call or email. We aspire to change that. Additionally, our client success team (which we will delve into more later) is tasked with meeting all local merchants in person to help assist in any way to ensure satisfaction and education for all our merchants.

But this doesn’t mean that merchants who are not local to our multiple “boots on the ground” local operations do not have the opportunity to work with us. We are happy to take on any merchant, no matter their location in the American Territory.

ECS’s Flexible Pricing Structures

At ECS, we understand that every business is different. They have different needs, different products and services, different industries, different outputs, and different business models. Because of this, we know that it would not be fair to only present one pricing structure to them all. Such as the more popular payment-providing companies such as Square or Stripe, that only offer flat-rate pricing. No matter the merchant’s situation.

Merchants can be easily persuaded by the marketing techniques these flat-rate payment providers use such as easy reconciliation, full transparency, and never changing rates. However, these “benefits” aren’t always helping merchants.

In the end, even though merchants have easy reconciliation and consistent rates, they will more often than not (depending on the business structure) be paying higher fees to process credit card transactions. So the real question is, is your priority ease and understanding? Or is your priority making and keeping the highest profit possible? If it were us, we’d say the latter…

Because of this, ECS is happy to offer customizable merchant pricing structures. Depending on the merchant’s transaction volume and ticket sizes, our knowledgeable account representatives can offer flat rate, interchange pass-through plus, and tiered pricing. This way our merchants know they are getting the best option for their needs. And minimizing any unnecessary additional fees.

ECS High and Low-Risk Merchant Accounts

At ECS Payments, we make it easy for businesses to accept payments and manage their finances. Whether you are a high-risk merchant looking to set up a new payment processing account or an established low-risk business in need of a more reliable solution, we have the tools and resources you need to grow.

Low-Risk Merchant Accounts

ECS has a tenured staff with industry knowledge of over 200 years combined. Our executives have been working in the payment processing business for decades. Because of this, our merchants can feel confident with the insights, services, and solutions we bring to the table for our clients. We offer low-risk merchant accounts for small and large businesses in industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Grocery & Convenience Stores
  • Government & Municipalities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Merchant food service/restaurant
  • Non-Profit
  • Personal Care
  • Retail
  • And more

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Additionally, at ECS Payments, we take pride in our ability to provide high-risk merchants with the payment processing solutions they need to succeed. If you are looking for a reliable, flexible, and secure way to accept payments and manage your finances. We offer high-risk merchant accounts for small and large businesses in industries such as:

  • Auctions
  • Bail Bonds
  • CBD
  • Coaching & Seminars
  • Collection Agencies
  • Continuity Offers
  • Credit Repair
  • Dating Services
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Debt Repayment
  • Digital Goods
  • Document Prep
  • Firearms
  • Health Supplements/ Nutraceuticals
  • Licensed Gambling
  • Medical Marijuana Doctors
  • Money Service Business
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Non-FI Account Loading
  • Pawn Shops
  • Quasi Cash
  • Subscription Direct Marketing
  • Timeshare Relief/Exit Services
  • Tobacco
  • Travel
  • Vape & Paraphernalia

One-Stop Shop Payment Processing For Merchant Services and Solutions

In addition to our comprehensive high-risk payment processing solutions, we also offer a range of tools and resources to help you manage and grow your business. It is our heart’s desire to prevent merchants from having to go to multiple companies to find all their payment processing needs. From financial reporting and fraud prevention to chargeback management and customer support, we have you covered.

ECS Solutions

Our extensive solutions go beyond the scope of just credit card processing. So regardless of your business type, our solutions can facilitate the transfer of funds and the point-of-sale process with ease with solutions such as:

ECS Services

On top of these solutions, our value-added benefits make merchant processing streamlined, secure, and flexible.

Flexible Payment Options

ECS’s smart terminals and integrated solutions allow merchants to accept transactions anywhere. Our In-person, mobile, contactless, and online payment options make business easier than ever.

Integrated Payment Gateways

ECS’s mobile payment capabilities offer your customers contactless payment options that provide transactional ease, hygiene, security, convenience, and a shorter time in line to pay for products and services. With “tap-to-pay” processing, transactions take less than 2 seconds.

Unique Reporting Tools

A unique tool developed exclusively by ECS, the Payment Connection provides a single dedicated merchant portal for transaction and chargeback reporting and statement retrieval. Merchants also have supplementary access to specific terminal and payment processor platform reporting sites.

Chargeback Management Assistance

Not only can you view chargeback reports online with ECS’s Payment Connection, but we also offer easy enrollment in an online portal where you can manage, track, and submit your dispute responses with a quick and painless procedure.


ECS partners with Security Metrics to make PCI compliance effortless. Our client success team will outline the steps you need to take to become PCI-compliant and protect your client’s credit card information. ECS’s in-house operation is also managed under top-of-the-line security features and follows all compliance procedures to safeguard all sensitive information for you and your cardholders.

Our encryption and tokenization tools offer additional security to your cardholders. Every time a transaction is processed whether as a contactless payment, an online payment, or stored as a recurring payment, the card information is encrypted or tokenized. A one-time code is created and sensitive information is never transmitted or stored. With the data security that ECS offers, the threat of fraudulent activity is less of a risk and merchants can carry less liability.

Risk analyst checking the risk level of a new business


Countertop and wireless POS systems and card terminals give our merchants easy access to input orders, greet guests, and process transactions anywhere. With the flexibility to be mobile or stationary, we are cultivating options for you to integrate the best system for your business needs.

Smart Terminals

Whether you need your terminal to be stationary, wireless, or mobile, ECS is pleased to provide you with options to set your business for success. Our terminals communicate captured card information via a telephone line connection, cellular network connections through AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, or with internet connections via ethernet and Wi-Fi. ECS offers support for CDMA, GPRS, IP, or dial-up environments at all merchant locations.

Create comfort and convenience with ECS’s wireless or countertop solutions. Our wireless terminals offer you the flexibility to meet your clients where they are, rather than curating long lines. Our countertop terminals offer a powerful system for your checkout. If you do not already have a payment terminal or you are looking to upgrade your current system to the latest technology, ECS is pleased to offer state-of-the-art payment terminals such as:

  • Clover: Go, Mini, Flex 3, Station Solo, Station Duo,
  • Dejavoo: Z1, Z3, Z6, Z9, Z11, QD1, QD2, QD3, QD4, QD5
  • Verifone: V200c, V400c, P200, P400, M440, MX925

Smartphone & Tablet Payment Solutions

ECS’s easy integrations conveniently convert your existing smartphone or tablet device to process credit card transactions on the go. ECS’s wireless payment solutions integrate with card reader accessories or your virtual terminal through an application directly on your device. Our easily downloadable application is ready to process keyed-in, swiped, and contactless transactions.

ECS Runs a Fully In-House Merchant Service Operation

One of ECS’s “biggest flexes” is that out of the 4,000 ISO agents in payment processing, ECS is the only company in the United States that has established itself as a fully in-house operation— in all departments including customer service, technical support, underwriting, risk, and development.

We want our merchants to feel confident with their processing services, knowing they are running a successful and secure operation for their clients and business endeavors for years to come. Our in-house operation fosters polished and long-term relationships with our clients and payment processing industry partners.

In-House ECS Client Success Team

After you apply to ECS for credit card merchant services and are approved and set up by the other in-house departments, you are ready to start accepting credit cards and more with our state-of-the-art payment solutions. But before this happens, one of our highly knowledgeable client success specialists will immediately welcome you.

Merchant Education

First things first, our client success team will proactively answer all frequently asked questions by contacting our new merchants (you) and introducing them to the services and solutions that we provide –which has proven to be a huge help. The goal is to ensure your account is set up to your liking and to provide you with tutorials so that you understand how to use your terminal(s), payment gateway, exclusive online reporting portal, and how to break down your statements.

On a super cool note, The Payment Connection is an ECS exclusive reporting site that was developed in-house at ECS by our technology development team from the ground up. We care about our merchant experience and created a custom website designed specifically for you with easy access to all your transaction needs.

To continue with our client success team, they are the main point of contact while our merchants are set up with their services. And continue to assist merchants whenever they need help completing transactions on their physical terminals or even online transactions.

3 colleagues holding puzzle pieces

In-Person Support

One of the most outstanding features offered by our client success team is in-person merchant visits. ECS boats about its personal approach to payment processing and nothing embodies it more than our new merchant terminal drop-offs and assistance visits. Not only do our new merchants receive in-person treatment, but our loyal merchants also receive appreciation drop-bys with personalized thank-you gifts.

Client Advocacy

Our client success team is focused on proactively reaching out to our merchants to thank them for being loyal. A huge goal of ours is to save our merchants as much money as possible. If our client success team spots any unnecessary fees, they will either remove them or educate the merchant on how to avoid them in the future.

For example, regardless of your pricing structure, interchange rates are one thing that is non-negotiable by the card brand networks. But if our client success team sees you are keying in a lot of transactions, racking up your transaction fees, they will educate you that there are ways to run transactions that will result in lower interchange fees:

Such as card-present transactions (dipped or contactless payments) rather than card-not-present (keyed or online payments). Overall, our client success team is focused on being an advocate for our merchants; doing what’s best for them which in turn earns us our loyalty and retention rates.

PCI Compliance Assistance

Furthermore, our client success team will make sure you are keeping your business and consumer data safe by properly walking you through PCI compliance. Not only does this help reduce any risk of fraudulent transactions facilitated by your business, but it also helps reduce your credit card processing fees. PCI-compliant merchants will pay less on their monthly statements. And we want that for you.

In-House ECS Merchant Services Support Team

Now, once you become fully integrated as a processing merchant with ECS, our client success team will hand you off to our merchant support team. Where you will have access to our comprehensive merchant services and technical support teams available all business days, Monday through Friday, 7 am-6 pm PST, and additional on-call weekend days when needed.

Our dedicated merchant services support team is focused on answering every call in under a minute by a live person and every email is answered the same day. Resolutions are typically provided within hours or even minutes. Depending on the complexity of the request. We take pride in our world-class customer service and our support experts are at your fingertips to serve you in any need.

Our knowledgeable merchant support team is fully capable to assist merchants with live transaction status verifications (varies per payment platform), reporting, reconciliation, and data migration processes. Our merchants are never left with unanswered questions or unsatisfactory results. We do our best to satisfy every merchant.

In-House Disputes and Documentation Team

Branched out of our original merchant services support team is our disputes and documentation team. This is where ECS brags about its full support when it comes to assisting merchants with all their chargeback rebuttal needs.

Our disputes and documentation team not only facilitates the chargeback process with the intention of winning the case for our merchants, but they also send, receive, analyze, and present forms to and from merchants to ensure that we have the latest and most up-to-date information on their company. This can include information such as DBAs, business owner information, addresses, bank accounts, and more.

In-House ECS Technical Support Team

Next, we have our in-house technical support team. This team creates merchant account-specific files and then downloads the files & specific software to the merchant terminal. From here, the technical support team prepares orders by pulling materials, creating shipping labels, and packing boxes to finally ship our terminals to our merchants. To clarify, they ship to merchants that are not local, because our local merchants receive special in-person delivery from our client success team.

Additionally, our technical support team performs inventory control and ensures our warehouse is stocked. Making sure we are ready for any size client order at all times. Moreover, the team is readily available to answer any merchant questions related to their terminals and software and troubleshoot terminals over the phone Monday through Friday, 7 am-6 pm PST, and additional on-call weekend days when needed.

In-House ECS Underwriting Team

Though merchants may not deal directly with our underwriting team in most cases, this department is a huge player in our full suite of in-house merchant services departments. Before a merchant can even begin processing payments with ECS, their merchant application is submitted by a sales rep to our underwriting team. From here, the future of your business is reliant on this team.

Merchant Applications

Our knowledgeable underwriting team reviews, analyzes, and makes confident recommendations for each merchant application. They will help mitigate the overall financial, legal, and reputational risk exposures for ECS and our merchants.

Customer service representative chatting with a customer

Risk Analysis

ECS’s underwriters will gather due diligence and complete a risk analysis to ensure new merchants are trustworthy, capable, and safe to work with. They will determine the type of risk factors a merchant may pose to ECS, the Member bank, the Card Brands, and the payment space. Risk exposure categories could include financial, reputational, and legal.

Merchant Identity and Legitimacy

During the application process, our underwriting team will determine and validate the identity of the merchant and the business owner(s). Next, they will verify and determine the merchant’s business type while confirming what products and services the merchant is selling. From this point, the underwriting team must then confirm the business’s legitimacy.

Periodic Merchant Reviews

From time to time, our underwriting team will review our merchant accounts periodically as a standard risk management process to make sure we have an accurate assessment of our merchant’s current and future processing patterns. Risk conducts quarterly, semi-annually, or annually reviews based on the risk profile of the merchant account.

Our Underwriting team may contact merchants and request information needed to help us fully understand the financial health of the business. This includes, but is not limited to recent financial statements, business model confirmation, and a merchant’s growth expectations for the coming year.

Merchant Changes

Lastly, our underwriting team is a big part of any change requests from our merchants. Such changes could include DBA name change, cardholder descriptor change, mailing, and DBA address changes, any changes to products sold, changes to eCommerce websites, card acceptance changes (such as card-present to card-not-present), volume increase requests, adding or changing ACH SEC type, reserve releases or changes, next day funding requests, contact information changes, legal entity changes, and additional merchant locations.

In-House ECS Risk Team

At ECS, we take pride in our merchants’ and their cardholders’ safety and security. Our highly trained in-house risk team monitors your transaction based on the parameters set forth. Our Risk team specializes in identifying any suspicious activity to protect you against risk and fraud exposure.

If you foresee a significant change in volume in the forthcoming months, don’t hesitate to reach out! We can easily make adjustments to those parameters as your business grows. And that’s what we want for you! Suppose you need adjustments made to your parameters. In that case, our risk team will review your merchant account, confirm the natural business growth, and adjust your parameters accordingly.

Additionally, our educated in-house risk team educates our merchants. They provide all our merchants with insights on ways they can help mitigate fraud and losses for their businesses. Mitigating fraud and loss can be done in a variety of routes, but our risk team will know exactly what business practices need to be adjusted after their comprehensive risk analysis and transaction monitoring on our merchants.

First Data and Merchant Services

One of the largest credit card processors out there is First Data. What’s more, ECS has a long-standing relationship with this processor. As a result, we offer highly trained assistance on all things First Data payment processing to our merchants— if they are best suited for this payment processing platform.

Start saving on payment processing today!

ECS: The Best Merchant Services Out There

ECS merchant services for small businesses and large is the best out there. We will continuously be a company that truly cares about the products and services we offer to our clientele to support our merchants to the best of our ability. We want our customers to experience 100 percent satisfaction.

As a result, we pride ourselves on providing world-class merchant services with our fully in-house operational merchant service teams. And this is why ECS merchant services support blows the competition out of the water. There is no other merchant services provider in the United States that offers an in-house operation with our one-stop shop offerings the way we do.

To contact sales, click HERE. And to learn more about ECS Merchant Services Support visit Merchant.