Payment Solutions

Get Paid Faster With Payment Links!

 — 14 minutes

payment links help your business accept payments online without the need of an eCommerce website. They offer easy solutions for quick payments.

Payment Solutions

Accepting Secure E-wallet Payments Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

 — 13 minutes

Accepting secure e-wallet payments through apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay can give your business a competitive edge by offering more ways to pay for your customers

Payment Solutions

What are NFC Payments and How Do They Work? 

 — 17 minutes

There are advancements in payment technology all the time. One of which is NFC payments. Learn all there is to know about how NFC payments work

Payment Solutions

The Future of Electronic Payments is Changing Commerce As We Know It

 — 9 minutes

Electronic payments are changing as we know it. With abundance in technological innovation, merchants should understand how currency will flow in the future

Payment Solutions

Payment Processing Technology: Mobile Payments Made Easy

 — 13 minutes

New tap-to-mobile technology empowers merchants to seamlessly accept contactless payments right on their mobile phones.

Payment Solutions

9 Reasons Why Healthcare Must Adopt Contactless Payments

 — 19 minutes

Contactless payments are the number one desired method of transaction for today’s healthcare patients. Adopt contactless payment technology

Payment Solutions

Smartphones: Digital Payment Solutions of the Future

 — 10 minutes

It is crucial for businesses to offer their consumers smartphone payment options. Digital payments are essential for consumer satisfaction.

Credit Card Processing 101

Covid-19: The Driver of Contactless Payment Adoption

 — 8 minutes

Adoption of contactless payments is the new era of consumer transaction trends. The benefits it offers consumers are sure to set your business apart.

Credit Card Processing 101

QR Codes: Payments Made Easy

 — 11 minutes

Stand out as an innovative merchant with little effort. Optimize your point-of-sale with QR codes for payments. Your customers will love.

Credit Card Processing 101

Mobile and Contactless Payments

 — 12 minutes

Everything you need to know about why your business should offer convenient and secure contactless payment options to your customers.