Gift and loyalty programs, tailored to your business.

A cartoon of a woman jumping and holding a giant gift card

Integrate a loyalty and gift-card program using standard card terminals or POS systems. Gift cards and loyalty programs generate more foot traffic and boost your sales from customers that otherwise may not have stopped into your store.

  • No additional equipment needed.
  • Reward loyal customers.
  • Improve marketing.
  • Increase profits.
  • Gain customer retention.
  • Improve consumer experience.
  • Customize gift cards to your branding.
What are gift and loyalty programs?

Gift and loyalty programs are marketing initiatives that merchants can implement to incentivize customers and promote new or repeat business. Gift programs allow customers to purchase gift cards or certificates that can be given as gifts and redeemed for products or services. Loyalty programs offer rewards to customers for their repeat purchases.

What are the benefits of gift and loyalty programs?

Gift and loyalty programs can benefit merchants with new foot traffic, increased customer loyalty, better customer engagement, higher transaction tickets, increased revenue, and improved brand recognition.

Can I customize the design of my gift cards?

Yes, we can customize the design of your gift cards to align with your business’s branding. You can add your logo, brand colors, and any personalized messages you’d like to include on the cards. 

What are the costs associated with gift and loyalty programs?

Because gift and loyalty programs are an optional bonus, they do come with a cost. The merchant pays for the cost to design and make each card, however the price is well worth the additional cost to boost your business. To offset the costs, we offer free ground shipping on all gift card orders.