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High-risk processing made easy.

At ECS Payments, we make it easy for businesses to accept payments and manage their finances. Whether you are a high-risk merchant looking to set up a new credit card processing account or an established business in need of a more reliable solution for online payment gateways, physical, and virtual terminals, we have the tools and resources you need for card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Built to handle complex merchants.

ECS offers high-risk credit card processing to merchants that many other payment processors may turn down. Traditional payment processors are not equipped to handle high-risk transaction processing, either due to their risk of chargebacks, lack of payment processing history, business owner’s credit score, or the industry the business is in.

The following categories are considered high-risk:

However, ECS is equipped to handle payment processing for all the above industries and more, and we are happy to assist you with your payment processing needs.

High-risk payment gateways.

A payment gateway allows you to accept credit card payments, debit card payments, or mobile payments. ECS offers high-risk payment gateways for payment processing online and in person with countertop terminals, mobile terminals, and virtual terminal gateways. We facilitate credit, debit, and ACH transactions through your high-risk payment gateway.

Additionally, ECS offers mobile applications, recurring payment options, quick email receipts for customers, automated end-of-day transaction reports, and additional safety protocols in place for fraud detection.

If your business is brand new with no established history of processing payments, or if your industry has a high chargeback ratio, you will likely need a payment gateway for high-risk merchants.

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Unsure if you need a high-risk merchant account?

If you’re not sure whether your business is classified as high-risk, you can take a look at the following criteria to determine if you should look into high-risk payment processing. You may need a high-risk merchant account for credit card processing if:

  • Your business has a bad credit history.
  • You have a poor personal credit score.
  • You sell expensive products or services.
  • Your chargeback ratio is above 1%.
  • Your business is brand new, with no history of processing payments.
  • Your business is an industry associated with risky products.
  • Your business could potentially create legal consequences

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Currently, ECS is only able to process payments within the United States and its territories.

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