Unattended Payment Kiosks

Although unattended payment terminals were gaining popularity in the years prior, the rise of Covid-19 sparked new consumer payment habits. With hygiene and safety concerns at the forefront of societal concerns and social distancing guidelines in place, the need for self-service was accelerated tremendously.

Recent studies indicate that 73% of consumers also would choose self-service checkout if the option was provided.

To keep up with payment processing challenges in today’s world, all industries are looking for new ways to offer a more hygienic, economic, and convenient way to purchase goods or services.

To meet customer expectations, merchants are upgrading their payment solutions by investing in self-service payment options. This technology offers a quick, clean, and cost-effective experience with limited person-to-person interaction.

Industries That Can Benefit From Unattended Kiosks

If you have a business that is looking to grow with the times, or you simply have a business that requires less overhead, unattended payment kiosks are your answer. The self-service industry can facilitate safe and convenient card payments for a variety of merchants.

Grocery and convenience: Self check-out

Parking lots: Electric vehicle charging station & Parking access

Retail: Locker returns or pickups and Self check-out

Transportation: Airplane, Train, Buss Tickets

Entertainment: Movie,Concert Festival Tickets

Hospitality: Self-check-in and out

Food & Beverage: Drive Thru – Order & Payment

Gas Stations: Car washes and Gas

Health and Medical Services: Self-check-in and out

Financial Services: ATMs’ Banking and bill pay

Casino: Chip dispense

Vending Machines

And so much more!

Unattended Payment Kiosks Benefits

Businesses can adapt for the future and reach their growth goals by adopting unattended payment solutions that accept mobile and contactless payments, credit cards, and some even still cash.

Unattended payment terminals are equipped with card readers that safely and securely process electronic payment methods using magstripes, EMV, and contactless payments with QR codes, NFC, and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay.

The robust design of many self-serve terminals is optimal for indoor or outdoor environments making them weather and theft-proof.

Ease and Efficiency

With today’s self-sufficient consumers and technological advances, many purchasing experiences do not require a staff member to be present to accept payment for a product or service.

Consumers can easily buy snacks from a vending machine, pay for parking permits, purchase movie theater or train station tickets, and scan groceries at the market without the need for employee assistance.

While it may be pleasant to have a person-to-person interaction, it is no longer required.

Most of the time, consumers want to get their purchases done quickly and move on with their day.

Providing unattended payment solutions adds to the efficiency of the business, making it more desirable to modern-day consumers.

A customer can select their products or services in-store or at an unattended kiosk, securely pay with their go-to method, and walk out in far less time than previous methods.

Most self-serve terminals come with user-friendly interfaces that offer bright and colorful touchscreens, guided sound capabilities, an item detector, and lighted keyboards, resulting in a frictionless experience.

Middle-aged woman registering book in library, using self-service terminal

Cost-effective and Versatile

In any given industry, there is a self-service device perfect for you.

Not only are your unattended terminal options versatile for business needs, but self-service payment solutions allow certain merchants to accept payment regardless if there is staff present or not.

Operating hours now play no obstacle in accepting payment and offering products 24/7.

Your business can be more cost-efficient in paying less overhead for staffing and still offer more hours to take payments for selling goods or services.

Seamless Integration

In an unattended environment, self-serve terminals are built to seamlessly integrate with your kiosk, gateway, and payment processor for easy customer experiences.

When looking into what self-service option is best for you, know that there is a wide array of unattended payment terminal solutions that can be conveniently placed in outside or inside environments.

Unattended Payment Kiosks Security

Modern terminal options meet the latest industry standards in PCI compliance and security measures, which keeps you and your customers safe and results in peace of mind processing.

Woman paying for product at vending machine using contactless method of payment with mobile phone

Standalone Terminals

Standalone terminals offer flexibility and a simple design for easy customer interaction. These all-in-one devices can accept electronic and contactless payments without an attendant present.

Optional guided sound alerts offer visually impaired customers a more self-sufficient experience.

With effortless convenience at check-out, the customer experience is top quality.

These terminals are easy to use and resistant to vandalism. They are best designed for indoor kiosk integration and vending machines.

Unattended Kiosk Mode Terminals

While stand-alone terminals can easily be integrated into kiosks, there are also full-service kiosks with terminals built in.
Unattended kiosks are the digital connection between a customer and a store.Where products can be digitally selected, purchases can be made, and items delivered all in real-time.Another fun feature that Kiosks offer is built-in digital signage software.This allows you to use the large displays to feature ads, pictures, videos, or information when the kiosk is not being actively used in a payment transaction.

Modular Solutions

Modular solutions are easy-to-use payment devices that are designed to be robust enough to withstand any outdoor self-service environment.With easy hardware and software installations, these terminals accept cashless payment and can endure intensive conditions.

Unattended Payment Kiosks: Open Readers Series

Open reader payment terminals are simplistic pay-per-use solutions specifically designed for unattended payment transactions for transportation gates and validators. 

These futuristic payment solutions are revolutionizing modern accessibility and smart cities in today’s fast-paced world.

These unique payment devices are easily integrated into travel terminals, and vehicles like buses, trains, subways, taxis, etc and allow for a seamless experience for all riders. 

Complicated ticketing systems will never interfere with being on time or rushing to a meeting ever again, just scan and go. 

Passengers can quickly tap their mobile device or contactless card for immediate payment and digital ticketed access. Not to mention, open reader devices can be three times less costly than traditional paper ticketing.

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