Payment Solutions

How To Sell CBD Online and Retail

 — 14 minutes

If you want to learn how to sell CBD even where cannabis is illegal, you will need to look into the following.

Payment Solutions

How to Get a Merchant Account for CBD Oil in 2024

 — 11 minutes

Achieve your growth goals by opening a merchant account for CBD oil with the best payment processor for high-risk transactions. Learn it all here

Payment Solutions

Understanding Restrictions On CBD Merchants

 — 18 minutes

Avoid getting your merchant account frozen by understanding the restrictions on CBD merchants and which providers are best for your CBD business.

Payment Solutions

CBD Payment Processing: Solutions To Sell in-Store and Online

 — 19 minutes

ECS Payment Solutions’ wide variety of innovative payment solutions is specifically designed to help today’s merchants.

Payment Solutions

Why is Payment Processing For CBD Considered High-Risk?

 — 16 minutes

The CBD industry is booming! But why is CBD payment processing is considered high-risk?

Payment Solutions

Do You Need a CBD Payment Processor for Your WooCommerce Store?

 — 13 minutes

To sell CBD on your WooCommerce store you will need a CBD Payment Processor to bypass the restrictions that WooCommerce has on CBD sales online

Payment Solutions

Smoke Shop Merchant Accounts For High-Risk Credit Card Processing

 — 15 minutes

Smoke shops are a profitable venture. But challenges such as finding the best smoke shop merchant account with a good high risk merchant processor can be hard to overcome

Credit Card Processing 101

Delta 9 and Delta 8 Merchant Accounts For Credit Card Processing

 — 13 minutes

Grow your cannabis business with the right high-risk delta 8 merchant account. So you can offer digital payment processing services online and in-person