Finding the right company to process your business’s payments can be a nightmare. That means one that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. There are many options out there to choose from, so how do you know which is the best option for your business?  Among varying online reviews, one company stands out for its unwavering commitment to excellence: US Alliance Group Inc. (USAG). As the parent company to ECS Payments and ECS Puerto Rico, USAG has built a reputation that speaks volumes through its impressive track record, long list of diverse merchant account clients, and USAG’s reviews online.

USAG’s Commitment to Excellence

USAG embodies a spirit of dedication and innovation in financial services. USAG has established itself as a leader in the industry by focusing on customer-centric and personalized practices, along with delivering top-notch all-in-one solutions. This commitment is not just a statement but a reality echoed by the glowing USAG reviews from satisfied clients across various platforms and continuous industry achievement awards. 

These accolades include prestigious awards, including:

  • Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the Year
  • C Level Focus – Leaders that Matter – 10 Most Admired CEOs
  • Excellence in Entrepreneurship
  • Inc. 5000 – America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies
  • Business of the Year
  • Top Credit Card Processor at
  • Orange County Business Journal Family Owned Business
  • Paytech Women’s Diversity/Helping Hands and Corporate Champion
  • MWAA’s Industry Achievement 

USAG’s employees have also recognized it as a Best Workplace year after year. Its efforts in community outreach have also earned USAG recognition with ETA Star Awards, Pay It Forward, and Companies that Care. 

USAG reviews reflect its commitment to being a leader in the industry, providing a personalized merchant approach, fostering long-term relationships, and assisting with PCI compliance. All services that no other credit card processor offers–all of which no other credit card processor offers. 

The company’s CEO, Fadi Cheikha, has been a pioneer in new technologies and platforms that have taken industry challenges and turned them into opportunities for innovation. USAG is committed to shaping the future of the payment processing industry and creating new standards to inspire others. 

USAG Reviews Speak For Themselves

USAG’s reviews serve as a true testament to its service quality and customer satisfaction. Collectively, USAG and its subsidiaries boast an impressive total of 612 five-star Google reviews. 

To break it down further, USAG itself has garnered over 100 Google reviews, while ECS Payments nears 50 five-star reviews. With an outstanding five-star review count of nearly 500, ECS Puerto Rico showcases the extraordinary dedication and support USAG offers its clients in Puerto Rico and the US mainland.

Real USAG Reviews From Google

Youssef M writes:

Very happy working with USAG. Customer service is so quick and always on point. I recently needed help on their platform and Ashley Leonard did not give up until my issue was solved. She was always quick to respond and called me after to make sure everything worked. One other thing I found helpful, which many companies lack, is the information being shared with other employees. When I needed help it was as if all the representatives knew my issue and were eager to help.

Bowling Index writes:

I’ve been happy with our service from US Alliance Group for many years. They always get back to my inquiries quickly. Keep up the good work!

Joe Finazzo writes:

I have been a merchant with USAG for over 10 years.  The thing I appreciate most is that when I call, someone always answers and is able to assist.  In my opinion customer service goes a long way and USAG is great at it!!

Why Businesses Trust ECS Payments 

Under the USAG umbrella, ECS Payments provides reliable payment solutions tailored to meet merchants’ diverse needs. With 48 rave reviews on Google, ECS Payments distinguishes itself from other merchant service providers for its technological prowess and commitment to fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and efficiency. 

The reviews demonstrate ECS Payments’ ability to provide businesses with seamless payment processing solutions that help them better compete in the marketplace.

Real ECS Payments Reviews From Google

Exel Gamboa writes:

I was contacted by Luis, who delivered an outstanding training experience for me by phone! He expertly balances in-depth knowledge with a relatable approach. His session was well-structured, and full of practical insights. I highly recommend Luis for anyone looking to completely level up their knowledge in their payment platform.

PH DAY writes:

Ashley was awesome today!  So helpful.  She answered all my questions quickly and with excellent information.  I look forward to working with her again.

William Huszagh writes:

Chandler has been one of the most refreshing representatives to work with in this industry. I come from over 20 years of finance experience, I have probably processed over $100 million in credit cards, and Chandler has made this experience so seamless and his consistency along with his business Acumen has been huge. I will be referring lots of my customers to EVS and mainly Chandler himself!

Kurt Brower writes:

ECS provides incredible service with great rates. They are always available if any issue would ever arise and the support is phenomenal. Chandler has been outstanding in managing our account and guiding us through various solutions for our business!

S Birkin writes:

I love the customer service I get from Merchant Services. Ashley is top notch! She’s always quick to respond & so nice to work with.  I appreciate her. She makes my life easy! 

Perrin Collins writes:

Jasmine is an exceptional customer service representative to me. It has been the most stressful 6 months of my professional experience. For something that seems so easy yet it is complicated. Jasmine has gone above and beyond her duties to ensure I receive timely, accurate and relevant to do my job for my client. I am grateful and feeling very fortunate to have her assistance. Her pleasant and professional efforts are much appreciated!

Walt Agius writes:

Excellent Customer service. Taryn was fantastic to work with in resolving issues. Her follow-up, demeanor knowledge of their system and help identifying our issues throughout several detailed interactions were top notch. Fadi – CEO, Excellent also. If you need ECS type of services, they need to be at the top of your list to explore.

Khalid Sadozai with COMWIC insurance services writes:

Best customer service! I just wish I knew about this sooner.

USAG Reviews Show ECS Puerto Rico is Setting the Standard for Customer Support

ECS Puerto Rico, USAG’s newest branch, demonstrates customer service excellence with an impressive 462 five-star Google reviews. This remarkable achievement highlights USAG’s commitment to providing unparalleled merchant support and innovative solutions to its merchants in the region. 

Whether by lowering merchant costs or optimizing their payment processes, ECS Puerto Rico has clearly earned the trust and admiration of its clients.

Real ECS Payments Puerto Rico Reviews From Google

Maria Guerrero writes:

Great service. Everything is super easy, fees are unbeatable. Myriam is super professional. It is a pleasure working with her. They delivered the device to my home. Luis is the technician that did my training. Explained everything perfectly. Súper professional. Very happy with this company. 5-stars for their product and service

Rosa Pellot writes:

I love the service. Staff member had a beautiful personality and he explained everything. He did not leave until I understood every step of the machine. Perfect customer service.

Jesus Mendez Hernandez writes:

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to be assisted by your employee Marizel, and I consider that a company that has employees as efficient as her is a company destined for success. Efficient, direct, friendly and with human quality. Success and blessings always!

Asador San Miguel writes:

Excellent service. From customer service when you call technicians and salespeople. Mr. Luis, the best of all in service, treatment, personality and his work ethic. I 100% recommend this company.

Why Choose USAG For Your Payment Processing?

Beyond the number of USAG reviews, what truly sets US Alliance Group Inc. apart from other payment services is its relentless pursuit of excellence in innovation and customer satisfaction. USAG marks every interaction with professionalism, integrity, and a genuine desire to exceed expectations. 

From personalized customer service to cutting-edge payment technologies, USAG ensures that every single client receives the attention and solutions they deserve for a better business.

Their Commitment to Clients

Choosing a financial services provider is not just a decision; it’s a partnership. USAG understands the importance of this type of relationship and is committed to earning its clients’ trust every step of the way. USAG reviews speak for themselves, reflecting the countless positive client experiences of those who have benefited from their expertise.

The business to business company offers transparent fees and rates that are not only affordable but also more competitive than those of other, more notorious processors. They hide their higher rates with deceptive marketing tactics like “easy flat-rate fees.” 

However, USAG knows these flat rates are unnecessary and more costly for specific merchants. Therefore, they offer optional pricing structures to meet different merchant needs, ensuring that every client can find a solution that fits their specific budget.

Its Unstoppable Innovation

Fadi Cheikha, USAG CEO, is proud to lead the only merchant service provider company in the country offering specific and various services all under one in-house roof. These services include company-owned payment platforms, banking and financing services like merchant cash advances, and affordable payment processing for credit, debit, and ACH. If there is a gap in the market, Cheikha is already dreaming of ways to fill it at USAG.

Joining USAG

Whether you are a small business looking to streamline your payment processes or a corporation seeking reliable financial solutions for your future, US Alliance Group Inc. is there to support its clients’ goals. 

Explore more by learning about USAG’s services and reading USAG’s reviews to discover why so many clients consistently choose them for their financial needs.

Frequently Asked Question About USAG Reviews

What are USAG’s Reviews?

USAG has a 5-star rating on google. Most clients review USAG and its affiliate business (ECS and ECS Puerto Rico) on Google per the direction of the business. Any other reviews made elsewhere may be counterfeit or confused with another business.

What are people saying about USAG in their Reviews?

USAG is a business to business service. Clients are raving about USAG’s:

•Attentive customer service
•Knowledgeable support
•Innovative payment solutions
•Cost-effective prices
•Dedication to their business

How do I contact USAG or ECS Payments to inquire about their services?

If you are interested in partnering with USAG/ECS Payments for your business, contact them directly via email or phone 866-651-8724.