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The Clover Go

The POS system for your pocket.

Whether you’re running a small business or a chain empire, you can take your products and services directly to your clients with Clover Go. This modern and mobile card reader can accept credit and debit card payments and packs a punch with its powerful processing capabilities.

clover go terminal
man paying using clover go

Accept payments on the go.

With a mobile POS system in your pocket, you can do anything. Whether you are in the service industry, retail, or food and beverage, taking your business mobile can open a world of new possibilities, and offering a convenient payment experience for your customers will set you apart. The Clover Go can do just that.

Accept in-person card payments to save on fees.

Once you connect your smartphone or tablet to the mobile card reader and access the Go app, you can easily take swiped, dipped, or tapped contactless payments. These in-person payment types offer lower interchange fees than over-the-phone or online card-not-present transactions.

Supported on both Android and iOS.

Whether you own an Apple device or an Android, the Clover Go app will work with all major operating systems. Regardless of your device, the Clover Go possibilities are limitless.

User-friendly technology.

The Clover Go app requires a simple download from the Apple or Google Play store, and the navigation and setup are easy and intuitive for all users. Once your Clover Go is charged and connected to the app, you can begin processing credit card payments right away.


  • CompatibilityiOS 10+, Android 4.4+ (Bluetooth LE required)
  • Weight2.3oz
  • Dimensions2.21″ x 3.17″ x 0.46″
  • ChargingMicro-USB
  • Battery LifeEstimated 160 dip, 160 swipe, or 130 contactless transactions per charge
  • PrintingText or Email

Manage your business with a powerful POS platform.

The Clover dashboard allows merchants to manage their point-of-sale and business analytics all from one, central location.

clover dashboard mockup

hand holding a floating gear iconConfigure check out settings to meet your needs.

Directly from the Clover dashboard app, you can customize your unique tax rates, tip options, and discount deals.

Synchronize across all your Clover devices.

Even if you have multiple Clover terminals and store locations, reporting has never been more simple. Your data is all combined into one, easy-to-understand data pool on your Clover dashboard. Log in, track sales, and manage your entire business from anywhere.

Navigate transaction status.

No matter the device, you can view all credit card processing history across your Clovers on the Clover dashboard. This includes completed, open, and pending transactions.

The Clover Go docking station

Pair with the Clover Go Docking Station.

The Clover Go Payment Stand and Charging Dock makes taking payments faster and easier than ever while keeping your device stabilized and better protected.

Get in touch.

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Is a specific smartphone or tablet required for the Clover Go?

While a specific device is not required to use the Clover Go, your device needs to be an Apple or Android device. As long as your device has Bluetooth and is running on iOS 8.2 and above or Android 4.4 and above, you can download the Clover Go app and being processing payments. At this time, however, Windows smartphones are not supported.

Do I need a certain service provider to use the Clover Go?

No. You can use your mobile service carrier of choice.

Can the Clover Go connect to Wi-Fi and cellular networks?

The Clover Go can connect to both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. If you are in an area without Wi-Fi or with poor cellular connection, you can accept payments offline. Once the terminal finds a connection again, the transactions finalize their authorizations.

Do tablets and smartphones use the same Clover Go app?

Yes, there is one Clover Go app for both smartphones and tablet devices.

What types of payments does the Clover Go accept?

The Go accepts EMV chip, magstripe, and contactless payments, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®.

Is it possible to run transactions in Clover Go Offline Mode?

Clover Go Offline Mode can work if offline payments are enabled for your account. To go offline, with your Clover Go, log into your mobile device and set it to “airplane mode”. The transaction will be finalized once the device is back on the internet. 

If you need further Clover Go support, you can contact Clover customer service via the Clover dashboard customer service section,, or (855) 853-8340.

How do I enable or disable Clover Offline Mode?

You can enable or disable Clover payment offline via your dashboard or the app on your Clover terminal. 

On the dashboard:
From a browser, login to your Clover account. At the top right, select the option that you see on your screen.
1. Account & Setup
2. Settings  > View all settings
3. Then, Transactions > Payments > Offline Payments.
4. Select Edit.
5. Select one of the following:
6. Do not allow offline payments.
7. Allow offline payments. 
8. Select Save.

On your Clover terminal:
1. Select the Setup app.
2. Select Payments.
3. Select Offline payments.
4. Select one of the following:
5. Do not allow offline payments.
6. Allow offline payments.
7. Select Edit to set offline payment limitations.
8. Select Save and then Continue

If you want to be connected to the internet, the Clover offline fix is easy. Simply return to your account settings and deselect the offline mode.

For more information, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives or take a look at the Clover Go support guide.

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