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Electronic Cash Systems is Expanding. Opening its Salt Lake City, Utah Office Doors this Summer 2022

Salt Lake City, Utah (July 29, 2022) – Electronic Cash Systems, the nationwide expert in payment processing, is excited to announce that it is opening a new office in Salt Lake City, Utah, to better meet the needs of the local business community. 

Electronic Cash Systems was founded in September 1997, with the mission of providing diverse solutions for ATM, gift card, bill pay, credit, and debit card, check, and ACH processing to accommodate payment needs for any size company. 

Today, ECS continues to focus on industry changes to provide its customers with the most seamless and cost-effective payment solutions. ECS maintains thousands of merchant relationships throughout the U.S. and has long-standing relationships with the very best manufacturers, processors, and network members.

The development of the operation in Salt Lake City, Utah has been a long-standing goal of CEO Fadi Cheikha, “I am very excited to open Utah and continue the growth of the company to serve the local business community and beyond. This will continue our philosophy to serve locally, with affordable national pricing.” ECS’s ultimate vision is to be nationally connected and locally invested. 

The new location in Utah will be the company’s fourth office. Since 2021, ECS offices have expanded from their original location in Southern California to offices scattered throughout the continent. ECS California, ECS Boise, ECS Puerto Rico, and now ECS Utah have been established and are operating in full force. 

ECS Florida and Arizona are in the works to be up and running in the near future with more to follow. ECS intends to establish itself as interwoven in the local community, aiming to provide locally sourced jobs and create locally supported merchants.

Because of ECS’s ever-growing extensions, they can reach more merchants with face-to-face encounters, offering a more personalized experience to their highly valued clientele. 

The new office will allow ECS Utah to meet the local community where they are at to offer all-inclusive, secure, and highly advanced payment solutions specifically designed for their unique business needs.  

“The recent conditions of our market point at struggling with personal touch. The merchant services market has become distant. Merchants, unfortunately, have to deal with unknown faceless providers over the phone. That's why we want to go back to the old roots. We want a personal face-to-face relationship with every merchant. This will instill trust, integrity, and a true personal connection.”

Fadi Cheikha, CEO

Spearheading the initiation of the Utah operation is sales manager, Curt Hopfenbeck.

Curt Hopfenbeck is a former Vice President in the Microsoft Partner Channel, WorldPay, and First Data.

Curt brings decades of executive experience and industry knowledge to our Utah clients.

He guarantees a greater level of customer success and satisfaction than the industry’s predecessors.

“It begins and ends with integrity, and ECS Utah is the industry leader in customer service and client satisfaction,”

Curt Hopfenbeck MBA,
Sales Manager, ECS Utah.

From mom-and-pop diners to Michelin-Starred restaurants, from the small and midsize businesses to the Fortune 500, ECS Utah provides best-in-class and state-of-the-art systems and solutions for superior sales and service, meeting any size business’s needs. 

ECS Utah is the one-stop shop for all your payment and processing needs.

“ECS Utah, under its parent company US Alliance Group Inc., will continue to build on its reputation as the industry and market leader in payment processing systems and solutions. There is no other entity within the industry that can provide the diverse and inclusive array of products and in-house services that ECS delivers daily. From client and consumer financing to merchant cash advance, ATM and EBT, high and low risk; ECS Utah is the partner of choice for Utah’s most discerning and demanding clientele.” Says Curt Hopfenbeck MBA.

US Alliance Group Inc., a global family of payment processing solutions has won numerous awards for Best Workplace, community outreach, Excellence in Entrepreneurship, Top Credit Card Processors, Family-Owned Businesses, and Inc 5,000. For more information about US Alliance Group Inc. please visit its website at

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