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Pricing Philosophy

Our Pricing Philosophy

Life shouldn’t be complicated and neither should your payment processing. ECS’ first priority is to educate our merchants to help you make informed decisions regarding electronic payment solutions.

Are you new to merchant processing?

ECS understands pricing can be overwhelming, particularly for a business new to merchant processing. We explain pricing components in easy-to-understand terms and are available to answer any questions.

Do you already have an existing merchant account?

Do you review your monthly statements but still feel your pricing is so complicated you don’t know how much you’re actually paying for services? Provide your most recent statement and we will provide a thorough cost comparison and explain any pricing components you may not understand.

Finally, we work with you to understand your business so we can tailor a pricing strategy to fit your specific business. Along with our competitive pricing, we have successfully built a business around our commitment to educate new merchants and provide continuing education to existing merchants.

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